EXCLUSIVE: Listen to ‘Slave of the Chapter’, a Brand New Track from Progressive Death Metal Band Decipher

This one is a banger! The penultimate track off of Intuition, coming out on December sixteenth, begins with a heavy riff that is then followed by a really amazing atmospheric section, which then evolves into hills and valleys as the song progresses. The low and guttural vocals serve as a driving force, pushing the already-heavy riffs into darker territories, and making the atmospheric sections stand out that much more as they soar beautifully. The album doesn’t have melodic vocals, except a guest singer on ‘Soulbound’ who renders justice to the delicacy of the song. As a whole, it’s a real journey to go through, and it’s accompanied by high-tier musicianship as well. Be ready, because, on December 16, Decipher‘s Intuition comes out!
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On December 7 2016, this entry was posted.