Eric Thorfinnson, Navi, and Starpilot

Eric Thorfinnson – Qwag (avant-pop, folk)

Eric Thorfinnson is best known as main-brain and frontman of Toronto progressive metal band Autocatalytica. With a distinctly art pop sensibility, this one’s a significant departure from what we’ve come to expect. Electro-based gems to acoustic folk, this collection of Eric’s music is mighty diverse. Even tho it’s considered a compilation of one-offs, there is a fluidity here that makes for a unified listening experience. In addition to Eric’s stellar guitar work, haunting vocal arrangements and audio production, three tracks from Qwag also finds an additional dimension brought to the fore by collaborator and vocalist, Amy Carstensen.

Navi – Dissect (chamber, ambient, minimalism)

Ambient and minimal: Navi‘s—stylized N A V I—latest EP, Dissect, will, if you let it, get your attention, however quietly. Meditative piano echoes and sparse electro-percussion lure you into a wide open headspace. Formed by Justin Huang Ford and Matthew Romerein, the Toronto duo produces modern chamber music for both live and studio. I’d suggest reading more about the method behind their highly conceptual work. This release in particular has been developed as a result of the study and transposition of visual art pieces created by Ruth Mora. Even after reading the write-up, their process is something I’m curious to learn more about.

Starpilot – Sun Door 間 Moon Door 閒 (synthwave, electro-psych)

Starpilot produces a vast repertoire of trippy synthwave, chip-bit tunefulness and glitchy dreamscapes which tend to stick with you for days. Sun Door 間 Moon Door 閒 offers a beautiful introduction to the more chill side of Starpilot, taking the listener through an array of quirky melodies, sweeping effects and soothing downtempo arrangements. This is music that invites you to consider the benefits of psychedelics, encouraging mental enhancement by way of mind-altering substance use.

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