Future Machines, Typical Sisters, and Parker Projection

Future Machines – Future Machines (math rock, avant-prog, glitch rock)

Here’s a release from an exciting new band taking a bold step forward within the idiom of math rock! This should be right up the alley of anyone hungry for bit-crushed madness and hyperactive rhythmic phrasing run amok! Stuttering, sputtering guitar melds perfectly with off-kilter drumming as the group embraces their weirdness and … Read more

Caleb Burhans, Gaspard, and Editrix

Caleb Burhans – Past Lives (modern classical)

A gorgeous grouping of the composer’s pieces offering a great deal of variety in terms of approach and texture, Caleb Burhans certainly lives up to his “emo-classical” moniker with this effort. The ability of the composer to define and convey subtle emotion through his music is exceptional. Also notable is the fact that each of these … Read more

Fet Nat, Kitzl, and Battlebear

Fet Nat – Le mal [no wave, punk jazz, musique concrète]

Fet Nat—stylized FET.NAT—presents a unique and exciting excursion into sound collage, spoken word, and dope drum and bass. With Le mal the group gives us a work that defies any notion of convention and breaks fresh ground with every infant second. Ambient tapestries are woven through hypnotic grooves with the … Read more

Bearthoven, Mouse on the Keys, and The Wrong Object

Bearthoven – American Dream [minimalism, modern classical]

It’s very interesting to me how the most subtle experience conjures some of the strongest emotions in people, creative people in particular. Here, with their second album, Bearthoven have put forth a work exhibiting the permeating presence of juxtaposition in the everyday. Utilizing the works of composer Scott Wollschleger, the trio attempts with these pieces … Read more

Lou Kelly, Zajwert, and Sick Boss

Lou Kelly – From the Vault: Sore Losers (avant rock, cut and paste metal)

Brand new from Lou, we are presented a skillful and relentless experiment in stylistic mish-mash. As a freebie “gift” release of former contest-entry songs, this one cuts between metal flourishes, quirky Elfmanesque themes, square wave breaks, so many idiosyncratic genre motifs, and even a borrowed melody or two. … Read more