Caleb Burhans, Gaspard, and Editrix

Caleb Burhans – Past Lives (modern classical)

A gorgeous grouping of the composer’s pieces offering a great deal of variety in terms of approach and texture, Caleb Burhans certainly lives up to his “emo-classical” moniker with this effort. The ability of the composer to define and convey subtle emotion through his music is exceptional. Also notable is the fact that each of these … Read more

Fet Nat, Kitzl, and Battlebear

Fet Nat – Le mal [no wave, punk jazz, musique concrète]

Fet Nat—stylized FET.NAT—presents a unique and exciting excursion into sound collage, spoken word, and dope drum and bass. With Le mal the group gives us a work that defies any notion of convention and breaks fresh ground with every infant second. Ambient tapestries are woven through hypnotic grooves with the … Read more

Bearthoven, Mouse on the Keys, and The Wrong Object

Bearthoven – American Dream [minimalism, modern classical]

It’s very interesting to me how the most subtle experience conjures some of the strongest emotions in people, creative people in particular. Here, with their second album, Bearthoven have put forth a work exhibiting the permeating presence of juxtaposition in the everyday. Utilizing the works of composer Scott Wollschleger, the trio attempts with these pieces … Read more

Lou Kelly, Zajwert, and Sick Boss

Lou Kelly – From the Vault: Sore Losers (avant rock, cut and paste metal)

Brand new from Lou, we are presented a skillful and relentless experiment in stylistic mish-mash. As a freebie “gift” release of former contest-entry songs, this one cuts between metal flourishes, quirky Elfmanesque themes, square wave breaks, so many idiosyncratic genre motifs, and even a borrowed melody or two. … Read more

Eric Thorfinnson, Navi, and Starpilot

Eric Thorfinnson – Qwag (avant-pop, folk)

Eric Thorfinnson is best known as main-brain and frontman of Toronto progressive metal band Autocatalytica. With a distinctly art pop sensibility, this one’s a significant departure from what we’ve come to expect. Electro-based gems to acoustic folk, this collection of Eric’s music is mighty diverse. Even tho it’s considered a compilation of one-offs, there is a fluidity here that makes for a unified listening experience. In addition to Eric’s stellar guitar work, haunting vocal arrangements and audio production, three tracks from Qwag also finds an additional dimension brought to the fore by collaborator … Read more