December in 155 Albums

Saturday, 1 December

Anna Sage – Downward Motion [EP] (hardcore, post-hardcore)


Down I Go – Gods [Rerelease] (post-hardcore, mathcore)

London, UK

Glass Skies – Exponential Existential (nu-prog)

England, UK

i.o – Anything but Rust (free jazz, experimental rock)

Victoria, British Columbia

Lady Fitness – Charlotte (avant-prog)

Lyon, France
On L’Étourneur

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No Mandate – No Mandate and Scheme of Things (experimental rock)

Sydney, Australia

Scott Fields Ensemble – Barclay (avant-garde jazz)

On Ayler Records

Tchake – Both and Net (experimental electro)

Perth, Australia
On Tone List

Torkana – Tres [EP] (post-hardcore, sludge metal)

Santiago, Chile

Sunday, 2

In Lights – 遺忘之橋 (Yíwàng zhī qiáo) / The Forgotten Bridge [EP] (post-rock)


Y/N – Larry and the Eternal Light (avant-pop)

Port Jervis, New York

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Monday, 3

Anna Havoc – Anna Havoc [EP] (hardcore, mathcore)

Saint Petersburg, Russia

Artaud – Cábala [EP] (free jazz)

Lima, Chile
On Fort Evil Fruit

Patrick Shiroishi – Sparrow’s Tongue (experimental jazz)

Los Angeles, California
On Fort Evil Fruit

Politess – Il ne fait pas froid dans l’alphabet [EP] (mathcore, grindcore)

Montréal, Québec

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Tuesday, 4

Afsprengi Satans – Óður til eilífðar [EP] (dark ambient)

Reykjavík, Iceland
On Mystískaos

Darkaeon – The Shattered Monolith (progressive metal)

Montréal, Québec

L’Enfant de la Forêt – Strangled (experimental electro, noise)

Paris, France

Limbs – Exquisite Corpse [EP] (grindcore, mathcore)

Manila, Philippines

Prudent Primate – Whirly Dirly [EP] (progressive rock, jazz fusion)

Bristol, UK

Santiago Fradejas – Music for Amandine [EP] (chamber jazz)


Scandroid – The Darkness [EP] (synthwave)

Detroit, Michigan
On Fixt

Tapir Quartet – Tapir Quartet (world fusion, jazz fusion)


Wednesday, 5

Jyocho – 美しい終末サイクル (Utsukushī shūmatsu saikuru) (math rock, indie rock)

On Tower Records

Thödol – Future Was Brighter Yesterday (progressive rock, progressive metal)

Paris, France

Thursday, 6

Art as Catharsis – 2018 Sampler [Compilation] (various)

Sydney, Australia

Bungalow – You Already Know (jazz)

Tokyo, Japan

Kliment Angelovski Trio – Inquisition (experimental jazz)


Friday, 7

Álvaro Severino, Ryan Carniaux, Joan Chávez, and Pablo Sáez – Ngen-kürüf (latin jazz, modern jazz)

Essen, Germany

Dániel Váczi Multet – Reticular (contemporary jazz)

Budapest, Hungary

Ernia – Ernia [EP] (progressive deathgrind)

Logroño, Spain

Faceless Burial – Multiversial Abattoir (brutal death metal)

Melbourne, Australia
On Blood Harvest

Ill Considered – An Ill Considered Christmas (spiritual jazz, folk)

London, UK

Irk – Recipes from the Bible (hardcore, mathcore)

Leeds, UK

Jacob Collier – Djesse, Volume 1 (world fusion, jazz)

London, UK
On Hajanga Records

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Jason Becker – Triumphant Hearts (classic rock)

On Music Theories

Al-Jiçç – ٤ (ʾArbaʿa) (world fusion)

Lisboa, Portugal

Laktating Yak – Origin of the Yak (avant-prog, zeuhl)

Houston, Texas

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Lasse Mørck – The Aztec Creation Myth Suite (world fusion)

Copenhagen, Denmark

Legendary Skies – Navigation (post-rock)

Austin, Texas

Nybo/Ravn – En (alle) (experimental jazz fusion)

Oslo, Norway
On Smeik

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Orkestra Eustoria – Hypergiant Hi​-​Fi (fusion jazz, nu-jazz)

New York, New York

Othismos – Separazione [EP] (progressive black metal)

Montepulciano, Italy

Sam Meador – Illumine, Volume I (classical)

Jupiter, Florida

Sól and X Suns [Split] (blackened doom metal)

Portland, Oregon

Ukandanz – ይቀጥላል (Jəqetelale) / Yeketelale (experimental jazz, world fusion)

Ethiopia and France
On Buda Musique

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Volcano – The Island (psych rock, world fusion)

San Diego, California

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Vulfpeck – Hill Climber (funk)

Los Angeles, California
On Vulf Records

Zealotry – At the Nexus of All Stillborn Worlds (death metal)

Boston, Massachusetts
On Unspeakable Axe Records

Jacky Ligon – Transition [EP] (ambient electronic, microtonal)

United States
On Scapescircle

Kataplexis – Kataplexis [EP] (blackened grindcore)

Calgary, Alberta
On PRC Music

Sunday, 9

Adrian Shegstad – Of Majesty This Genesis (experimental electro, soundtrack)

Tampa, Florida

D. Ocean – Sad Beauty [EP] (darkwave)

United States
On Polycoffin

Perplextus Joans – Poisons and Antidotes (experimental rock, microtonal)

Portland, Oregon

Monday, 10

Ando San – Vitality [EP] (jazz fusion, progressive metal, hip-hop)

Los Angeles, California

Dewa Budjana – Mahandini (neo-prog, world fusion)

Jakarta, Indonesia
On Moonjune Records

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i.o – Fine Plasma Flickers (free jazz, experimental rock)

Victoria, British Columbia

Jyotiṣavedāṅga – Cannibal Coronal Mass Ejections [Rerelease] (avant-garde black metal)

India and Russia
On Helter Skelter Productions

Matheus Manente – The Notevember 2018 Collection [Compilation] (various)


Öfö Am – Tales from Outerspace: An Octaman’s Odyssey (progressive rock, stoner rock)

Montpellier, France
On Lost Pilgrim Records

Walabix – M, live aux soirées Tricot (free jazz, experimental jazz)

On Tricollectif

Tuesday, 11

Grim Christmas – Grim Christmas (black metal)

Arvada, Colorado

Wednesday, 12

Crossing the Rubicon – Matter (progressive metal, djent)

Dayton, Ohio

Everything Flows – Denial / Anger / Bargaining [EP] (post-metal, sludge metal)

Lille, France

Ron Minis – Pale Blue Dot [EP] (progressive jazz, jazz fusion)


Septa – The Lover Remixed [EP] (alternative rock, electro)

Odessa, Ukraine
On Venona Records

Shiba and the Girl – Even Robots, Baby [EP] (indie rock)

Boston, Massachusetts

Sky Signals – Illumine (progressive metal, alternative rock)

Sydney, Australia

Travis Orbin – Delectable Machinery (progressive metal, experimental jazz)

Selbyville, Delaware

Turbohaler – Metal Vessel Music [EP] (experimental black metal)

Bergen, Norway

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Thursday, 13

Naïma Quartet – Sea of Red (vocal jazz)

Montpellier, France

Þ (Thorn) – Bat bytlung (harsh noise, experimental electro)


Friday, 14

Big Grump – Footslog [EP] (math rock, noise rock)

Memphis, Tennessee

Chained to the Bottom of the Ocean – I Carry My Awareness of Defeat like a Banner of Victory (sludge doom metal)

Springfield, Massachusetts

Frostbitt – Solbrent (progressive metal, djent)


Lee Griffiths & Patrick Lester-Rourke – Zero Sum (jazz fusion, electro-jazz)

Birmingham, UK

Resurrecting Id – Ephemera [EP] (progressive metal, jazz fusion)

Cleveland, Ohio

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Squalus and Shadow Limb – Mass and Power [Split] (progressive metal)

San Francisco and Chico, California
On Translation Loss Records

Unamused Dave – What the Hell… (indie rock)

Peoria, Illinois

Saturday, 15

Ad Shave – Ad complementum (jazz fusion)

On Soliton

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Cryptic Ruse – Dual Spaces: Exercises & Diagrams (microtonal progressive metal, doom metal)

Portland, Oregon

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Femur – Red Marks (grindcore)

Thunder Bay, Ontario

Laboratorium Pieśni – Rasti (neo-folk)

Gdańsk, Poland

Luna Vista – Among the Haze [Compilation] (math rock, post-rock)

Portland, Oregon

Sunday, 16

Banda Municipal de Barcelona, Salvador Brotons, and Spanish Brass – De vents i terra (contemporary classical, chamber music)


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Eradicate Me – Compassion (progressive deathcore)

Kaliningrad, Russia

i.o – Escapable Matter (free jazz, experimental rock)

Victoria, British Columbia

Matt Pollock – Works for Bass, Book 2 [EP] (contemporary classical)

United States

Thiquid – Eating Ra Whole (Vore with Egyptian Gods) [EP] (progressive metal)

British Columbia

Þ (Thorn) – Melancolicvs. [EP] (harsh noise, experimental electro)


Monday, 17

Ils – Pain Don’t Hurt [EP] (noise rock)

Portland, Oregon

Kinzie Steele – When I Was a Tree (contemporary classical, jazz fusion)

Joseph, Oregon

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Louis L. – Liquidize (world music)

Hamburg, Germany

Markus Reuter – Winter Solstice (ambient jazz)

Berlin, Germany
On Iapetus

Metro 3 – Resonance (avant-garde metal, experimental jazz)

Moscow, Russia
On Топот (Topot)

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Sithu Aye – Homebound (progressive metal, djent)

Glasgow, UK

Taylor Barnett – Loose Ends (avant-garde jazz, big band)

Richmond, Virginia

Zia – Four​-​Momentum [EP] (microtonal electro)

Las Cruces, New Mexico

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石の宝殿 (Ishi no Hōden) – 石の宝殿 (Ishi no hōden) (modern jazz, ethno-jazz)

Trieste, Italy

Jesus Krsna – Aranciata (experimental jazz)

New Orleans, Louisiana

Monitor Fly – Down in the Furnace [EP] (noise metal, experimental electro)


Wednesday, 19

Dan James Griffin – K​-​9 [EP] (progressive rock, RNB)

Kidderminster, UK

Don Pie Pie – Don Pie Pie Ⅱ [EP] (progressive rock, math rock)

Porto, Portugal

Manela Quartet – Éphémère [EP] (modern jazz)

Châteauguay, Québec

Müür – Elirejo de tempo (microtonal classical, experimental electro)

Gorod Ufa, Russia

Peter Evans, Agustí Fernández, and Barry Guy – Free Radicals at Dom (free jazz)

Warsaw, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

Thursday, 20

Chiral – Fire​/​/​Heritage [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Piacenza, Italy

Christos Anestopoulos – Deja Vu (jazz fusion)

Patras, Greece

Farson – Kreatürlich [EP] (blackened grindcore)

Lower Saxony, Germany

i.o – 01AX12 [EP] (free jazz)

Victoria, British Columbia

Jazztick – The Legend of Jazztick: Tetraforce (jazz fusion, VGM)

Santiago, Chile

Patrick Shiroishi and Arturo Ibarra – LA Blues (free jazz)

Los Angeles, California
On Public Eyesore/Eh?

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Valeri Golub Project – Alt.Ego [EP] (progressive metalcore, djent)

Kyiv, Ukraine

Visions of Ulnahar – Orion (dark ambient, soundtrack)


Friday, 21

Anairë – Withering (dark ambient, soundtrack)


Caynug – Mental Junkyard (alternative metal)


Existe – Vivre et laisser mourir (post-rock)


Fall – The Dreamer of Tragedy [EP] (progressive death metal)

Corpus Christi, Texas

Fawn Limbs – Thrum (grindcore, mathcore)


Great Falls – A Sense of Rest (progressive post-hardcore)

Seattle, Washington
On Throatruiner Records

Hermit Cult – Otherwhere [EP] (blackened death metal)

Vancouver, British Columbia

Humanoid – Door (progressive rock, progressive metal)

Montréal, Québec

Mode Dodeca – Mode Dodeca (alternative rock, math rock)

Austin, Texas
On Strange Daisy

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Nahira Ziwa – Desert Ride (world fusion)

Berlin, Germany

Thrailkill – Everything That Is You (jazz fusion, progressive metal)

Los Angeles, California

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Zayn – Evolution Made Us (progressive metal)


0edit – 0edit (experimental electro)

Sydney, Australia

Saturday, 22

Déhà – Blackness in May [EP] (atmospheric doom metal)

Brussels, Belgium
On Musical Excrements

A Morbid Masquerade – A Morbid Masquerade [EP] (technical death metal)

New York, New York

Svadara – Орнамент (Ornament) (progressive metal, folk)

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Sunday, 23

Jazz Robots – Jazz Robots Write Down Their Dreams (jazz fusion, progressive jazz)

Chicago, Illinois

Panzerpappa – A Trip to France (progressive rock)

Oslo, Norway

Se’nam Palmer & Killick Hinds – I’m: Bezel (experimental rock, free jazz)


Monday, 24

Beaten to Death – Agronomicon [EP] (grindcore)

Oslo, Norway
On Mas-Kina Recordings

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マクロスMacross 82-99 – Nakatomi Tower (A Xmas Album) [EP] (future funk, vaporwave)


Ontogeny – Antisocial Media (technical death metal, deathcore)

San Francisco, California

Tuesday, 25

Bastilla – Bastilla (experimental jazz)

Pawtucket, Rhode Island

Gazelle Twin – Dirge MMXVIII (experimental electro)


Heavy Blog Is Heavy – Heavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Six [Compilation] (various)


Omega Point – Omega Point 1 (blackened death metal)

London, UK
On Blackened Death

Svrm – Згарище (Zharyšče) [EP] (atmospheric black metal)

Kharkiv, Ukraine

Wednesday, 26

Eternity’s End – Unyielding (progressive power metal)


Facebook page

Guðveiki – Vængför (experimental black metal)

Reykjavík, Iceland
On Fallen Empire Records

Serpent Column – Invicta (progressive black metal)

United States
On Fallen Empire Records

Thursday, 27

Joakim Lartey – Ghanatella! (world fusion)

New York

Friday, 28

Kaguu – Red Sun Sessions [EP] (math rock, progressive rock)

Monterrey, Mexico

Subnuba – Distant Pixels (progressive death metal, technical death metal)

Toledo, Ohio

Veilburner – A Sire to the Ghouls of Lunacy (experimental black metal, death metal)

On Transcending Obscurity Records

Saturday, 29

Cosmic Collective – Cosmic Computer Music, Volume 1 [EP] (jazz-hop, experimental jazz)

Nashville, Tennessee

Jankomas – Le Poulet 16​.​12​.​2018 (avant-prog)

Montpellier, France
On Bermuda Cruise

Gnarwolf – Gnarvina [EP] (post-hardcore)

Austin, Texas

Sunday, 30

Bandit – Warsaw [EP] (grindcore)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Blankfield – Untaled [EP] (djent, VGM)


Verneri Pohjola, Maciej Garbowski, and Krzysztof Gradziuk – Gemstones (experimental jazz)

Warsaw, Poland
On Fundacja Słuchaj

i.o – The Soul of Flowers [2-disc] (free jazz)

Victoria, British Columbia

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