Christopher Cerrone, Bureau Berlin, Dialect Trio, Sloth Racket, Season of Sadness, and Trigger

christopher cerrone bureau berlin dialect trio sloth racket season of sadness trigger

Christopher Cerrone – The Pieces that Fall to Earth (New Amsterdam)

Brooklyn composer Christopher Cerrone just released his newest album, a collection of three compositions split into a total of eighteen tracks, adding up to about forty-five minutes of material. The whole thing was recorded by Los Angeles-based Wild Up ensemble. Cerrone’s compositions offer an emotional and contemporary vision, which is perfectly executed by the Wild Up team. New Amsterdam Records keep on bringing stellar works to the table, and Christopher Cerrone is one of the most recent examples of this!

Bureau Berlin – Earthbound Akupunkture

Bureau Berlin is a new trio from Нижний Новгород (Nižnij Novgorod), Russia, playing a sort of folkish free noise-jazz that’s very unique to them. Earthbound Akupunkture has nineteen tracks but is twenty-six minutes short, possibly borrowing from the grindcore mindset of short but intense musical vignettes. The EP is very abrasive and diversified, all the while constantly showcasing the musicianship of Sergey, Konstantin, and Anastasia on their respective instruments. It’s a brilliant release!

Mario Pavone’s Dialect Trio – Philosophy (Clean Feed)

The newest Clean Feed batch is pretty satisfactory. Mario Pavone’s Dialect Trio is but one example, but I found Philosophy to be the best release in the label’s monthly output. Of course, the trio is exceedingly well-armed, thanks to pianist Matt Mitchell and drummer Tyshawn Sorey providing incredible support and complement to bassist Mario Pavone. Philosophy is a great new jazz album you should be listening to!

Sloth Racket – Dismantle Yourself

[This is a stream of A Glorious Monster, the band’s previous album.]

Sloth Racket is a London-borne experimental jazz quintet. Dismantle Yourself is the band’s seventh release, following last year’s incredible A Glorious Monster album. The group really knows how to convey those feelings of anxiety, unease, and ambiguity, and they put that to great use on every one of their release. So, be ready for an odd, deranging, and out of the ordinary time when this album comes out, on September 2.

Frode Gjerstad, Fred Lonberg-Holm, and Matthew Shipp – Season of Sadness (Iluso)

Iluso is close to my heart, for having released some of my all-time favourite albums, and they keep on building that trust relationship by continually putting out amazing albums. This one includes a trio of respectable musicians whom I’ve never heard of—except possibly Matthew Shipp, the name rings a bell—playing venerable music. It is a saxophone (sometimes clarinet), cello, and piano trio freely improvising spontaneous compositions, guided improvisations, on-the-moment thoughts and actions. It’s an engrossing record set to challenge status quo and bring about revolution.

Trigger – Pull (Shhpuma)

The noisier, more electrified counterpart to Clean Feed Records is, since not too long ago, Shhpuma. They’ve been quite successful so far in getting me interested in their releases, with albums such as Ego Pills on their roster. Well, Pull is one more example of their great output. The album’s stochastic and noisy improvisation environment leads to some beautiful, but mostly eerie and explosive moments. Which means I love it.

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