Blumen – Mångata

‘Mångata’ is one of those words that can’t be directly translated. Although one could argue that no word can be translated exactly, because the two words will carry different insinuations and complex networks with a plethora of emotions, meanings, and other words. However, Wiktionary describes this swedicism as ‘the roadlike reflection of moonlight on water’, which is better conveyed by the EP’s artwork than any description. From foreign languages to the musical one, the issue remains. It’s incredibly difficult to put music into words because each chord, each progression, each rhythm, timbre, pitch, length has an unfathomable amount of cultural baggage, which is different for every country – nay, for everyone! In a way, Blumen‘s latest embodies the struggles of translation, and the mysterious beauty of words that have no peer in English.

Mångata is in the footsteps of 2015’s Press 1 for Music: it’s rife with complex harmonic arrangements and interestingly complex rhythmics that are sometimes quite hard to follow, even for the musicians involved. Yes, there are a few places where everybody seems just slightly out of grid. You won’t find that on a Periphery record, over-edited and mechanically perfect, but these small discrepancies feel right at home on this very human EP. The six tracks presented fall somewhere in the realm of progressive rock fusion, I believe, and they each deserve their spot, even the introduction and the interlude, ‘Dawning’ and ‘A Favorable Wind’ respectively. With the help of a few talented musicians, Blumen has made a truly impressive, and thoroughly enjoyable EP in Mångata, out on June tenth.

A promotional copy of the album was provided.