Autumn Electric – Flowers For Ambrosia

Autumn Electric is one really fortunate discovery on mine, thanks to the /r/progrockmusic subreddit! In short, they sound like Sufjan Stevens meets King Crimson’s more mellow side, or perhaps Supertramp.

Flowers For Ambrosia, their latest release and first full-length album, features a wide range of really well-written and well-executed indie-prog rock songs, from the joyful “Riding The Rogo” to the more contemplative “Joe The Lion, Sleeps Tonight”, the album ending with the epic 22-minute “Orange Stars”. Along the way, the piano takes the lead, the guitars are soft, and the drum acts as an intensity meter: it knows when to stay quiet, and when to come in and support the flow of the music.

The pieces, like I wrote earlier, are well-written, and well executed: the musicians are tight and the singer sends powerful emotions through his voice. It’s like a newborn old soft prog act! Even though it’s sometimes labeled as “modern progressive rock”, it really feels like an anachronism.

The album is free digitally on their bandcamp page, but if you buy the physical version, you get to receive a treasure map that leads to real buried treasures!!! How amazing is this, really? It’s too bad there aren’t any buried near me, I’m really intrigued as to what is locked in these treasures! If any of you unearth a treasure chest, please report here!

Go get Flowers For Ambrosia, and, while you’re at it, grab some of their earlier works, too! This is one of my new favourite bands!

On May 18 2014, this entry was posted.