1974 – 1974 & The Death Of The Herald

Of the bad names I could think of for a band, 1974 is probably one of the best at being bad! There’s probably some reason behind this choice, but let’s face it… Nineteen Seventy-Four.

Their music is redeeming, fortunately, and MCMLXXIV’s most recent album, 1974 & The Death of The Herald, is just fantastic! The Year Xzibit Was Born revive a portion of music history that is often forgotten: the pop-prog-rock era.

Between Styx and Genesis, The Eagles and Rush, ’74 brings us beautiful melodies and memorable moments, driving songs and at times complex parts that take you by surprise! The presence of three male singers and a female one really steps up the game. They are all really good singers that effortlessly convey a wide range of emotions.

The Death of The Herald is a brilliant concept album with more than an hour of varied and memorable music.

If you’re in need of new progressive rock in the style aforementioned, you need to get some 1974 in your life. The album reviewed here is probably their best, overall, but 1974 & The Battle for The Lazer Fortress has my favourite song on it: Song of Survivors.

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