Rorcal’s New Album is the PERFECT Blend of Black Metal & Doom

I can’t express how much I love this album. I’m dying to hear this album live. The intensity of this album is beyond belief. The true beauty in it all is the way that they are not just intense of their black metal vibe that is the majority of the album but in their moments when they kick in the doom and just make you want to eat all the babies within 5 miles of you.

This album NEVER has a dull moment. Energy and atmosphere are the best words you can think of. Black metal with a great touch of doom and a sprinkle of post-metal ideas. The song’s have so much life to them and always will keep you interested, these guys understand how to utilize songwriting structure to keep it fresh. This album is a keeper and I hope many more bands are inspired by this doom/black-metal vibe that Rorcal utilizes so effectively.

So get their fucking album, it’s in the bandcamp link right above this ^^. If you need anything to help motivate you, check out the YouTube video above my post. You’ll understand the hype is true.