Mini-Reviews LXXIX

Bryker is the collaborative name of Bryce Butler and Parker Bracken, the two musicians behind this new instrumental progressive metal outfit. Their music fits quite nicely under the progressive metal and djent genera. While the production on Bryker is relatively minimal, everything is clearly heard and sounds good; it’s only slightly less in-your-face than mot modern releases. Overall, it’s a very good debut EP from a band you should keep an eye on!
Ukrainian progressive metal band Edwin Hubble released their debut EP, When I Was Older, on April twelfth. They’re labeled everywhere as a post-rock band, but I … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXVIII

The experimental sludge metal of Mudbath gloomily shines on their upcoming album, Brine Pool, out on May second. The nearly forty minutes of pain are more than reason enough to listen to the album in isolation, on repeat. The band has a unique sense of melody and harmony that’s dissonant and highly evocative, and doesn’t fall into the clichés of the genre. It’s honestly one of the best album I’ve heard all year.
There is no single available for the current album, so here is one of their previous one.
Mnhm (previously Mannheim) is a progressive noise rock band … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXVII

The quality of French avant-garde black metal band Way to End has already been tested with their previous album, Various Shades of Black. Their newest release, Senestre, continues on that slope with forty-five minutes of melodically dissonant black metal filled with intricacies and oddish moments worthy of the genre tag.
Belgian band Vøs released their debut EP, Ran, in late March. The twenty-minute five tracker brings home some electro-djent that camouflages itself with post-hardcore into a result that’s melodic and energetic. This EP is certainly promising for the future of the band and what they can do … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXVI

Appalaches is a progressive post-rock band from Quebec, and they released Cycles in late March. The songs on the album are all really good and well fleshed out, in relatively long structures – up to the twelve-minute ‘Milsai’. Their instrumental compositions speak of themselves, and they surely will be a band to look out for in the coming years!
Animatist‘s Face Club is a top-tier album putting math rock, post rock, and jazz fusion in the blender, which results in a greenish goo that tastes much better than what it looks like! Odd-time ostinati are repeated extensively to create … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXV

est album – a concept one at that – about the social movement of the same name. On that subject I think it does a great job of contextualizing it and making it accessible to the listener, so hurray! As for the music, it’s also very well crafted and played, and manages to create memorable and epic passages, as well as inspiring and impressive riffs from all members of the quartet. Go get it!
Thanks to Mike for this recommendation! Replacire might be one of the most promising technical progressive death metal bands I’ve heard! They released Do Not DeviateRead more