Extended Album Art: The Often-Forgotten Sides of Album Covers

Just this month, at least two amazing albums were released that have extended album arts. What counts as extended?, you ask. Quite simply, it’s when an album cover derogates from the perfect square image usually shown on sites like Bandcamp, Itunes, Spotify, and many others. Such artistic eccentricities can be caused by the album art wrapping around more than one panel on a physical release, which leads to two- or even three-panel artworks. These extended forms usually show more of the concept behind the art, and, most of the time, are an absolute joy to behold.

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Monthly Recommendations: January 2018

Feeding Fingers – Do Owe Harm

“Through post-punk aesthetics intermingled with synthwave and experimental pop, Feeding Fingers shine a new light on xenharmony, and convincingly make use of different tuning systems, such as 15- or 22-EDO, Bohlen-Pierce, and Carlos’ ɑ, β, and γ tunings, showing a good grasp of microtonal music theory and practice. On that point, at no moment during the forty minutes that the album lasts is the choice of going beyond twelve-tone a distraction to the enjoyment of the music.”

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Garrett Wingfield’s Octopod – Monoliths and Sepulchres

“The album moves from free jazz during the

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