Containor, I.O, Arnaud Bukwald, Blame, Aviations, Clavicus Vile, Tolstoys, 死リーパー (Death: The Reaper), and Xenosis

Containor – Asshole

Continuing a long series of musical experiments in the vague vein of black metal, the Hathenter page offers us Containor‘s Asshole. This one in particular is a brutal display of aggression towards the poor, innocent drum kit, layered with a variety of acoustic and electronic nonsense. It’s perhaps the most free-jazz-like metal album I’ve heard, and it’s amazing!

I.O – Fragments Humming for Sun and Stars

Oddly enough, this is quite similar in mentality to the previous album in this post, but within the experimental or math rock realm. This one-man expectoration is a drum-centric … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 13

Containor – Asshole (experimental black metal)

Filthy Young Impalers – Pattern Blue (progressive technical death metal)

Slvmbvr – War in the Sky (drone)

Sunday, 14

Arnaud Bukwald – La marmite cosmique, menu numéro 4 (progressive rock)

Dawnwalker – Human Ruins (stoner/alternative metal)

I.O – Fragments Humming for Sun and Stars (experimental math rock)

Monday, 15

Deconstructing Sequence – Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey through Oddities of Space (experimental death metal)

Wüst – Deform (experimental folk/pop)

Tuesday, 16

Dear Apollo – Volume One (progressive metal/metalcore)

Wednesday, 17

My Deathbed – My Deathbed (atmospheric depressive black metal)

Necronomidol – Strange

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We Pyrrhic Conquerors – The End Is Nigh

The Music

The Thoughts

The general free-flowing complexity of zeuhl music and the band name We Pyrrhic Conquerors suggest a sizable ensemble of musicians, performing with some level of loose improvisation. Yet Bandcamp informs us that the richly composed The End Is Nigh is the product of one Joey M. Bishop. That’s about all the information I can glean about the artist; there’s no Facebook page to refer to, no specific location given (Bandcamp tags the project as United States, but the drums were recorded at a studio in Indonesia?), and even Google currently returns zero results for the band … Read more

Hago – Hago

The Music

The Thoughts

Rarely has a progressive metal fusion album been released with so little anticipation, praise, and attention while deserving so much of these. Enter Hago and their self-titled debut album. The Boston band is, as they put it, “a melting pot of progressive metal, jazz, and Middle Eastern elements”, and I couldn’t have said it better – they also call it “falafel djent”, but let’s not go there. Their group consists of the usual instrumental metal and jazz quartet of guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, while also having a full-time saxophonist on top.

Rooted inside the Berklee … Read more

Matt’s Top 50 Albums of 2017

Some Introductory Words

There was so much good music that came out this year. After barely being able to scrape together ten good albums to make a list out of last year, 2017 redeemed my faith in music in a massive way. I shattered my personal record for new-music-listening this year, and, in the process, I discovered a ton of good, very good, and occasionally mind-blowingly good stuff in the corners and crevices – stuff that many outlets seemed to ignore. And while I admit that I have a tendency to get more excited about lesser-known artists, I assure you … Read more