Containor, I.O, Arnaud Bukwald, Blame, Aviations, Clavicus Vile, Tolstoys, 死リーパー (Death: The Reaper), and Xenosis

Containor – Asshole

Continuing a long series of musical experiments in the vague vein of black metal, the Hathenter page offers us Containor‘s Asshole. This one in particular is a brutal display of aggression towards the poor, innocent drum kit, layered with a variety of acoustic and electronic nonsense. It’s perhaps the most free-jazz-like metal album I’ve heard, and it’s amazing!

I.O – Fragments Humming for Sun and Stars

Oddly enough, this is quite similar in mentality to the previous album in this post, but within the experimental or math rock realm. This one-man expectoration is a drum-centric … Read more