Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 13

Containor – Asshole (experimental black metal)

Filthy Young Impalers – Pattern Blue (progressive technical death metal)

Slvmbvr – War in the Sky (drone)

Sunday, 14

Arnaud Bukwald – La marmite cosmique, menu numéro 4 (progressive rock)

Dawnwalker – Human Ruins (stoner/alternative metal)

I.O – Fragments Humming for Sun and Stars (experimental math rock)

Monday, 15

Deconstructing Sequence – Cosmic Progression: An Agonizing Journey through Oddities of Space (experimental death metal)

Wüst – Deform (experimental folk/pop)

Tuesday, 16

Dear Apollo – Volume One (progressive metal/metalcore)

Wednesday, 17

My Deathbed – My Deathbed (atmospheric depressive black metal)

Necronomidol – Strange

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We Pyrrhic Conquerors – The End Is Nigh

The Music

The Thoughts

The general free-flowing complexity of zeuhl music and the band name We Pyrrhic Conquerors suggest a sizable ensemble of musicians, performing with some level of loose improvisation. Yet Bandcamp informs us that the richly composed The End Is Nigh is the product of one Joey M. Bishop. That’s about all the information I can glean about the artist; there’s no Facebook page to refer to, no specific location given (Bandcamp tags the project as United States, but the drums were recorded at a studio in Indonesia?), and even Google currently returns zero results for the band … Read more