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Dear Apollo – Volume One

Oh, how far we’ve come, since the days of Look Right Penny! The Floridan quintet arrived on the map with their striking debut Sugar Lane, but soon disbanded. After many issues and obstacles, the “core couple” of Cotee Embry and Mariel Diaz-Carrion moved out and battled hard. Here we stand today, and the kids with high hopes come back with a new project called Dear Apollo. Cotee is now in charge of everything except the vocals and lyrics, and it transpires that he was the main brain behind Look Right Penny’s music … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Sunday, 7 January

Mental Cruelty – Purgatorium (technical deathcore)

Of Petra – So onto Itself (symphonic prog/Canterbury prog)

Monday, 8 January

Decline – EP1 (grindcore)

Léguman – A Tribute to Jacqueline Picon (instrumental progressive metal)

Livia – Le blaireau riche (chamber pop/trip-hop)

Tuesday, 9 January

Feeding Fingers – Do Owe Harm (microtonal post-punk)

Wednesday, 10 January

Garrett Wingfield’s Octopod – Monoliths & Sepulchres (experimental jazz/free jazz)

Tuesday, 11 January

Venetian Snares – She Began to Cry Tears of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit the Ground (experimental breakcore)

Friday, 12 January

Kayak – Seventeen (progressive rock)


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