Weekly Release Dump #4

    Saturday, 23 December

CarcajouQuelle magnifique fin du monde (post-hardcore)
KäkiThree Pieces for Guitar, Piano and Junk Metal (experimental rock)
Planning for BurialBelow the House (Version) (post-doom/experimental)
The White Tulips and Chinese Football双拼 (Shuāng pīn) Half Half #1 (math rock)

    Sunday, 24 December

MorrowFallow (progressive blackened hardcore)

    Monday, 25 December

AdharaAdhara (instrumental progressive metal)
Dialectical ImaginationThe Angel and the Brute Sing Songs of Wrath (experimental jazz)
Heavy Blog Is HeavyHeavy Comp Is Heavy: Volume Five (compilation)
HyperdeathNo Fear (progressive metal)
Night Tempo – … Read more

Taylor Brook – Virtutes occultae

Just in time to close 2017 with a microtonal bang!, composer Taylor Brook released Virtutes occultae: an exploratory double album for piano. Somewhere between procedural, improvised, and strictly composed, the eighteen parts of this magnum opus take you into the world of overtonality. In a nutshell, this album is played by six virtual pianos, each tuned to a different 11-limit just intonation tuning. The details on how Brook’s approach extends Partch’s are scarce and blurry, but, in any case, the result is utterly mesmerizing. The fact that the music is played only by pianos, virtual ones at that, … Read more