Weekly Release Dump #2

    Saturday, 9 December

Les chevals & AllonymousBig Mess (jazz fusion/R&B)
MindpatrolVulture City (progressive metal)

    Sunday, 10 December

Blvck CeilingThe Lost 5 (darkwave)

    Monday, 11 December

SlvmbvrSlvmbvr (drone doom metal)
VexovoidCall of the Starforger (technical blackened thrash metal)

    Tuesday, 12 December

AstropheDeconstruct (instrumental progressive metal)
Crawl across the SkyThe Silent God (post-rock/black metal)
GardenjiaIn Dreams (progressive metal)
KäkiDada Flesh (experimental rock)
Сольвычегодск (Sol’vychegodsk) – Вежливый приказ (Vezhlivyy prikaz) (experimental jazz)
    Wednesday, 13 December

⛧⛧⛧ (Triple Pentagram) – ⛧⛧⛧ (grindcore)
    Friday, 15 December

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Long-Form Self-Indulgence – A Compendium of Overlong Music from 2017

Some may know already, but one of my many péchés mignons is a certain affection for long, single compositions. I can trace this likeness to my first encounters with progressive metal – the real beginning of my musical journey –, and to Dream Theater especially. The title track of their double album Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence was truly mind-blowing for the teen whom I was, with its eight movements spanning over forty minutes of impressive musicianship and songcraftsmanship. I’ve grown out of my fandom for the band, somewhat, but there’s still some magic in their earlier catalogue. Since then, … Read more