The Callous Daoboys, Destroy Uranus, Dialgo, Dialectical Imagination, Gardenjia, In Lights, Entheogen, Astrophe, and Fixions

The Callous DaoboysAnimal Tetris
Ugly mathcore. Yeah, this is some A-grade unpolished, dirty-sounding, noisy, aggressive, and mathematical hardcore music. What makes The Callous Daoboys stand out, among other things, is their use of a full-time violinist within their ranks. This adds a new flavour that’s often missing from the usual mathcore band. So, check out their EP Animal Tetris!

Destroy UranusIn the Scale of Galaxy
In the Scale of Galaxy is the debut release from this Estonian doom metal project. From “1:1000000000” to “7:1000000000”, the sludgy quartet invokes earth-shattering riffs and chilling atmospheres. I’ve got… Read more