Genevieve, Zombieshark!, Feasting on Scaphism Remains, Technopath, Spinifex, Ignis haereticum, Herd, 01101111011101100110111001101001​ (Ovni), and Doomeye

Genevieve‘s experimental black metal is pretty widely known, now, thanks to their dedication. Regressionism is only their latest album, and it’s a great blend of post-metal and black metal, with a lot of Genevieve’s own idiosyncrasies embedded into their sound. It’s at times harsh and at times beautifully bleak, but it’s always sure to make you feel something.

Zombieshark!The Digital Sea
Nintendocore is a very niche genre, where chiptune sounds are blended into hardcore or mathcore music to create a new kind of video game boss music. Zombie Shark is the latest iteration of… Read more