Giant Claw, Sridhar Varadarajan, Thot, Mino yanci, The Body, A-Live, Cara neir & Chasmbound, Nullingroots, and Trespasser

Giant ClawSoft Channel
Keith Rankin’s musical collage project is an odd and interesting piece of, how to call it, experimental vaporwave? The plunderphonics-based experiment is a challenging piece of modern electronic music that’s slightly abstract and very artistic.

Sridhar VaradarajanImperfect Things
Oh, yes, math-infused post-rock, a style with delicacy and tenderness, appealing to emotions by constructing evocative passages that are assimilable by nearly everyone. Despite the broad and quasi-populist nature of it, there is some tremendously great music to be found. I think Sridhar’s little EP is very good, and much worth your time.
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