Barren Plains, Dawn Ray’d, Cervidea, Pingvinorkestern, Bird Problems, Black Kirin 黒麒, Mouthbreather, The Chasm, and Möbius

Barren PlainsAdrift
Barren Plains’ debut is a four-track EP of some great post-metal. The instrumental band builds strong atmospheres upon repetition and evolution of riffs and themes on top of odd-time measures. Each of the untitled tracks is as poignant as the previous one, which results in a memorable release. Name your price on bandcamp!

Dawn Ray’dThe Unlawful Assembly
This British black metal with a folk music tinge group makes wild songs, and The Unlawful Assembly is no exception. Wilfully atmospheric and at times chaotic, it’s an aggressive and vindicative album to revolt to.
Cervidea –… Read more

Not from Here – Not from Here

The Minnesota trio Not from Here puts a twist on the regular mathcore formula: the expected bass guitar is here replaced by a cello. This alternative lineup gives way to an interesting contemporary classical facet to the band’s music, most strikingly on their kétjegyű szók, “Ab”, “De”, and “Ex”, while being underlying in all the other tracks. Speaking of which, the songs on their self-titled sophomore release range from caustic mathcore to post-hardcore, with drafts of polyrhythmic sludge – the ending of “Should Certain Conditions Arise” –, drone metal, and progressive metal. It’s all instrumental, giving the music ample … Read more