I Like to Sleep, Kucoshka, The Guts, Kloct, Heptaedium, Schnellertollermeier, The Strawberry Republic, The Great Discord, and Wares

I Like to SleepBedmonster

Norwegian jazz force I Like to Sleep just released the fusionesque Bedmonster, a forty-minute disc of aggressive and sinuous jazz-rock fronted by vibraphonist Amund Storløkken Åse and supported heavily by Nicolas Leirtrø and his heavy baritone guitar riffs. Their soundscape cruelly lacks the presence of a bass guitar, but it’s somewhat attenuated by the low notes of the guitar. The album came out on 6 October, and it’s very good!

KucoshkaRad Tantrum
What brought me to this album is the sheer ridicule of their cover art, but what kept me listening… Read more

Hybrid Nightmares – Almagest

After their Ages EP tetralogy, Australian progressive black metal band Hybrid Nightmares gaze upwards towards the skies. Almagest is their new conceptual full-length album, and takes you on the journey of the Pilgrim, an unnamed automaton, going to various cosmic spheres in a quest to balance spirituality and reason. Basically, it’s a science-fiction retelling of many classical philosophy concepts. It’s quite rare that black metal bands of that ilk look to the future and out into space, although not unheard of, and Hybrid Nightmares is a strong quintet capable of putting this idea into reality and making it truly enjoyable … Read more