Divine Realm – Tectum Argenti

a0104658246_10Divine Realm’s Tectum Argenti is a nice mix of melodic prog and djent with some impressive musicianship. While not as heavy as similar bands like Between the Buried and Me or Animals as Leaders, Divine Realm’s debut album still packs quite a punch.

Fronted by Canadian multi-instrumentalist, Leo Diensthuber, Divine Realm which started out as just a one-man band, grew into a full band before this debut full length album, which came out this week on February 23rd.

The album consists of seven meaty tracks, all between 3 and 5 minutes a piece. Not a second seems wasted though, there … Read more

Fulton’s Reviews Top 30 albums of 2014

Hello all, Fulton here! Hope everyone is having a great start to 2015! I know it’s been a while since I have posted on the blog, but wanted to let everyone to know that I hope to be more active in 2015. For now, I will leave you with my Top 30 Albums of 2014 videos filmed right at the tail end of 2014. Thanks to all the bands who made it to this list for gracing us with such unbelievable tunes over the last year, and everyone who has made CTEBCM? everything that is today! Happy 2015! Cheers!

Part … Read more

ATOMIS Indiegogo Campaign

A while back I featured the metal band ATOMIS, but I just came to find out they have an Indiegogo campaign going to help fund their debut album!

There are only 6 days left in the campaign, so you better act fast if you want to get some of the exclusive rewards, such as t-shirts, posters & paintings (which won’t be reprinted!).

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Dream Theater – Dream Theater (Sept. 24th)

Today Dream Theater have announced that their new self-titled twelfth studio album will be released on September 24th!

I’m totally psyched for this album as A Dramatic Turn of Events was definitely one of the better Dream Theater albums in recent years, and with Mike Mangini being present for the entirety of the new album’s sessions, It’s likely that this one will be even better!

Now I know Dream Theater aren’t considered “unknown” or “underground” at this point, but when I discovered them, they were really only starting to gain the following they have today. They also helped introduce me … Read more

Orphaned Land – Brother (Music Video)

Orphaned Land have released yet another song, Brother, from their upcoming album All Is One. This time as a full fledged music video! The orchestration on this song is really impressive! So far I have not been disappointed with any of these new songs and each one just makes me want the album more!

Give them a like on Facebook!

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Unstable and Floating Sirens

Check this out! Guitar playthrough video of Unstable and Floating, from Siren’s debut album Spore.

While the first half of the video may look underwhelming (for a guitar playthrough video), it gets interesting when the riffs kick in!

You can support and get their album on Imminence Records’ bandcamp page below

Or get it for free or as a physical CD on the band’s website. They’re also on facebook.


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Polkadot Cadaver – Last Call in Jonestown

Avant-garde metal outfit Polkadot Cadaver’s new album Last Call in Jonestown comes out on May 14th, and pre-orders are ending in just a few days. I discovered this band last year when I saw them at The Palladium, and their unique take on metal really intrigued me. Their lyrical content is often very offensive and off color, but completely awesome at the same time. This band really tries to make a statement by doing things in their music that most people would be afraid to do, and just not giving a shit. They also write some pretty catchy stuff and … Read more

Kingcrow – The Drowning Line official music video; Italian Progressive metal with a taste of Porcupine Tree

Kingcrow is an Italian progress metal outfit who is currently on tour in the US with the legendary Pain of Salvation. I saw them live the other night, and was pretty well blown away by their music and performance. I hope you give them a listen and a like on Facebook, as it’s some very good stuff.

For fans of Porcupine Tree, Pain of Salvation, Three, etc.


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Cyclamen – Memories Music Video; What if Devin Townsend were a Japanese guy?

Cyclamen is a Japanese band that has a definitive Devin Townsend Atmosphere-and-Chug wall of sound going on that I’m really digging. Their EP, Memories, Voices is available on iTunes for Download, and the whole thing is pretty damned solid.


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