Recap of the week!

This week has been amazing! Loads of amazing new music! A few older stuff that came to my ears, and some stuff still to come!

Let’s start with this week’s favourites!
Peculate‘s new album Fiscal Cliffs, is really a great listen for anyone who likes metal to be out of the ordinary. Avant-garde and experimental, like we love it! Read our whole review here and listen to the album below!

Rejectionary Art has released their second album entitled Exocoetidae: Flying Fish. It’s so eclectic and musically varied! Each song takes you to a different venue somewhere in … Read more

Australasia the heavy post-rockers

Sin4tr4 is the latest and possibly debut release from Italy’s Australasia. Instrumental in essence, the duo incorporates extreme metal techniques and ideas into post-rock, which gives them a distinctive sound, neither too dramatic or weak, the balance is good! On top of that, they use old school synthetizers with retro sounds! Pretty cool eh!

The EP runs at 22 minutes and is available on iTunes for around 6 bucks! And like the duo on facebook!

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Matt Stevens – Ghost

Matt Stevens’ 2010 album Ghost is an instrumental acoustic album featuring an interesting mix of odd melodies and catchy riffs. It took me a few listens to really get into it, but every time I go back to it I find it clicking a little more. Definitely check this out if you’re into progressive instrumentals and acoustic guitar.

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