Wovette – Steeple

Wovette is the pseudonym of Californian musician Brady Miller, who has made a name for himself in many bands, including the infamous Upsilon Acrux on guitars. Steeple is the latest effort from this solo project, and it’s comprised of eighteen short compositions for acoustic piano. Made to be played by whom I do not know, but the superhuman that succeeds will probably have turned its tendons to goo in the process. So much so that I think they could only be played by a pianola (a self-playing piano often seen in the context of American Far West saloons) or, effortlessly, … Read more

Review: Blumen – Press 1 For Music

The first thing I did was to press 1, and I was utterly disappointed that the very title of this album is a big ugly lie. However, I didn’t press the keypad 1 so I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. This one-man project originates from Athens (no, not Greece’s Athens), in Georgia (no, not the country), USA, and plays us some really cool progressive rock music, with an emphasis on pianos and keyboards, which is a rarity these days.

The project is really reminiscent of David Maxim Micic’s material, it’s melodic, progressive, and heavy with arrangements of all … Read more

Tigran Hamasyan teases Mockroot

Yes! YES! YES!

A new Tigran Hamasyan record always means new incredible and powerful music to listen and enjoy! For those of you unfamiliar to his music, imagine Animals As Leaders in a piano reduction. The crazy syncopated riffs, the sweet arpeggios and outstanding solos, the polyrhythms, it has all that! And if that teaser is any indication of what Mockroot will sound like as a whole, expect it to be even closer to the traditional metal/djent band, with the addition of drums and electronic elements, and a bass player.

We are excited.… Read more