Cryptic Ruse – Chains Of Smoke

Microtonal music artist Jason Yerger’s project Cryptic Ruse (formerly City of the Asleep) – now with actual microtonal guitars! – returns to show us his new and masterfully crafted work: Chains of Smoke.

Using three different exotic tuning systems – 13 EDO, 15 EDO, and 23 EDO (EDO stands for Equal Divisions of the Octave) – and a wide palette of musical genres, Jason makes us travel to never-before heard sonic landscapes. By using “oriental” and “middle-oriental”-sounding tunings with a more standard (for us, westerners!) metal band quatuor instrumentation, with due distortion, riffs, … Read more

Jute Gyte – Ressentiment

Missouri’s marginal quarter-tone experimental black metal one-man-band Jute Gyte returns with a new album that is like the previous ones: worth your time.

Black metal can be a tough thing to approach if you’re not into the genre already: the purposefully bad production, the vocal style, the often fast and relentless drumming, and the tremolo picking all support this. On top of that, Adam Kalmbach, the mind behind the music, adds microtonality, in the form of a 24-EDO (24 equal divisions of the octave) musical setting. Compare this to your usual 12 notes per octave guitar, … Read more

Recap of awesome music I’ve heard lately!

Hey! I’ve posted quite a few great music on the blog’s facebook page, but didn’t make any official post about them. Here is my chance to make them shine, and make you discover them, and hopefully like them as I do 🙂

FIRST OF ALL! The never disappointing Plini released the second part of his EP trilogy, called Sweet Nothings… and man, how sweet it is! Plini is a real modern-day guitar genius! Just listen to it for yourself!

Plini on facebook

Lightning Bolt‘s 20 one-track EP was released quite some time ago, but it came to … Read more

Recap of the week!

This week has been amazing! Loads of amazing new music! A few older stuff that came to my ears, and some stuff still to come!

Let’s start with this week’s favourites!
Peculate‘s new album Fiscal Cliffs, is really a great listen for anyone who likes metal to be out of the ordinary. Avant-garde and experimental, like we love it! Read our whole review here and listen to the album below!

Rejectionary Art has released their second album entitled Exocoetidae: Flying Fish. It’s so eclectic and musically varied! Each song takes you to a different venue somewhere in … Read more

Brendan Byrnes’ Micropangaea

Micropangaea is a unique thing. So unique I can’t even find any appropriate comparison or metaphor…

The use of microtonality in music has long been kept to advanced and underground acts, be it of metal, ambient or ethnic music. Jute Gyte has recently released an astonishing microtonal album, Discontinuities, which was written in 24-EDO. Basically, that means that a 24-EDO guitar will have twice as many frets as a normal one, bringing the possibility to play quarter-tones without having to always bend a string. The black metal-vibe of the album is given by the great use of dissonant intervals … Read more

Jute Gyte – Discontinuities

Microtonal experimental black metal from Missouri, those guys are a pretty unique outfit.

Their quarter-toned fretboards bring a different texture to their long songs that is welcome in this age of formalism.

So if you seek something relatively new and unexplored, you can get Discontinuities for free if you like to, or donate a little sum to support this band!

-D… Read more

Youtube : Metallicpuppetmaster

Microtonal metal hasn’t got much light shed on it.
Obscurer than any obscure band, microtonality has somehow existed since the XVIth century, and probably before that.

Metallicpuppetmaster, with a 24EDO BC Rich (a standard guitar is in 12EDO, so instead of semi-tones, this guitar has quarter-tones), a drum and some silly lyrics, succeeds in bringing some focus on this uncommon musicality.

This song is brutal, and the guy is certainly versatile. Guitar, drums, and singing! Wow! That guy could record an album all by himself and it would sound absolutely killer!

Subscribe to his channel, he’s got some other … Read more