Recap of awesome music I’ve heard lately!

Hey! I’ve posted quite a few great music on the blog’s facebook page, but didn’t make any official post about them. Here is my chance to make them shine, and make you discover them, and hopefully like them as I do 🙂

FIRST OF ALL! The never disappointing Plini released the second part of his EP trilogy, called Sweet Nothings… and man, how sweet it is! Plini is a real modern-day guitar genius! Just listen to it for yourself!

Plini on facebook

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Words of Farewell – Melodic Death Metal ala Dark Tranquillity with a German twist

Words of Farewell is a young atmospheric Melodeath act from Germany that I’ve been following for quite a while.  When they put out their first full length album, Immersion, last year, I immediately ordered it from Amazon.

The video is a lyrics video for the song “Ever After”, the second track from Immersion, with a gorgeous, yet moody, European cove as a backdrop, the waves rolling in on a gray-scaled beach as clouds loom off in the distance.

The work they’re doing is impressive, and I can only hope that we’ll one day be graced with a North … Read more