Only one week until we can listen to this sweet math rock album!

Irish math fusion act Alarmist are dropping their full-length debut, Popular Demain, on November 2, and at only one week away, my excitement is palpable. Of the two tracks currently available for streaming, we’re treated to some sweeping, cinematic jazz progressions supported by an arithmetical rhythmic core. At times it’s uplifting, yes, but in harmonically rich and complex ways characteristic of fusion. Think Jaga Jazzist meets Battles and you have a fairly good idea of what to expect. The album will be available on Bandcamp, where you can also check out their existing EPs.… Read more

Serious Beak – Ankaa, an overanalysis of

After their wildly acclaimed debut album “Huxwhukw” back in 2011, we didn’t hear much from Australia’s psychedelic progressive band Serious Beak. I was much delighted when they announced a sophomore album under the name of Ankaa and released a single for it, “Red (Laniocera hypopyrra)”.

First of all, “Ankaa”, from my best suppositions, comes from the Arabic العنقاء, al-ʿanqā’, which means “the phoenix”. Now, a Phoenix is a mythological bird related to the sun, and that lives cyclically. Ankaa is also a star, otherwise known as α Phoenicis, a rather common binary star that will … Read more

II II II working on a new album!

II II II, the experimental, jazz-mathcore band who brought us A Conundrum on My Coffee Table hit us, this week, with a so-called “Maaasssive 222 album preview”.

What can we expect? Judging by this instrumental, unfinished preview: more of the same, but enhanced, great music!

It seems that publishing that album preview has revived the creative fibre in the band, and that this album now “has to get finished”, according to a facebook comment from II II II themselves. So, when? I don’t know, but if? Certainly so! I’m pretty excited on this, and so should you!… Read more

August recommendations are here!


Here are four ctebcm-approved albums that came out last month and that we think you should definitely check out!

Michael AveryThe Scientist

Instrumental progressive metal heavily influence by djent that is actually not just a bunch of chugga-chugga’s and jun-jun’s, even though they are not underrepresented. It’s globally a fun album to listen and headbang to, with varied compositions and a fair amount of high-level musicianship! Plus: it’s available for name your price (NYP) on bandcamp so, why not give it a shot?

Doom SaladDac Maelc Yletulosbo

The fourth EP from Savannah’s experimental math rockers, … Read more

A new, live tune from Instrumental (adj.)!

Seeing all the guys play seated is a strange sight indeed, but I’m not one to mind at all. The new song, The Nightmare of Adulthood, is about 6 minutes long and will be on their EP that comes out November 10. These guys are really amazing to see play together and I can’t wait to jam their tunes on the EP!… Read more

Instrumental is a beautiful adjective

Sydney’s new mathcore band, Instrumental (adj.), just put out the first eponymous single off of their debut EP, A Series of Disagreements. This sounds very promising indeed, opening with 15/16 however in its most basic subdivisions: 4-4-4-3 Edit: 19/16 in 5-5-5-4 subdivisions is more like it. Things get quickly out of hand, with the inclusion of extra bars, and the development of the theme and its transformation over other time signatures as well. The song is well constructed and has great cohesion despite its eclectic nature, and that is thanks to the recurring chord progression and theme … Read more

News: Covet live studio video!

Covet is a math rock trio led by Yvette Young, the guitar virtuoso (if you haven’t checked her solo acoustic EP, you need to right now, right here). The song, either unnamed or eponymous to the band’s name, is rather relaxed but shows some great musicianship from everybody but mostly from the frontwoman, Yvette. They’re supposedly in the studio, recording their debut album, and if you’re not excited for it, you need to listen to the Acoustics EP she put out!… Read more

Review : ni – Les Insurgés De Romilly

French instrumental math-rockers ni have already lobbed at us (across the Atlantic), two great, albeit short, releases: the two eponymous EPs of 2010 and 2012. This year, for the full release, the name ni just wasn’t enough. Les Insurgés De Romilly is a full-length album, clocking at around 40 minutes; 40 minutes of intense mathy prog-goodness!

ni is about intense, mathematical, challenging yet light-hearted music. With Les Insurgés De Romilly, they have achieved an otherworldly balance of dissonant harmonies, catchy odd-time grooves, and psychedelic, sometimes schizophrenic, passages. The voices, too, are in some sort of grey area that will … Read more

Review: Upsilon Acrux – Sun Square Dialect

True math! Upsilon Acrux is one of these bands that really mesmerize you, on every listen. Their music is so dense and complex, both harmonically and rhythmically, that it’s difficult to listen to their album, Sun Square Dialect, as background music, while doing other tasks. You might find yourselves trying to keep track of the changing time signatures or just trying to figure out what’s happening, and how it got there! It’s truly music for the brain.

Using two drummers has many advantages and disadvantages, the formers being for the listener, and the latters being more technical, and for … Read more

Review: Milk Room – Controluce

Milk Room is a Canadian progressive metal band with tinges of math rock in it. Their latest release, the Controluce EP, is made up of six songs flowing into each other, creating the feeling of them being part of a greater thing, some sort of long concept song divided in multiple movements.

The music is somewhat reminiscent of Protest The Hero and The Venus De Melos, the album of which we reviewed not so long ago here. The songs are intricate and technical and are filled with odd time signatures and complex guitar, bass, and drums parts, all of which … Read more