Panzerballett – Breaking Brain

Munich, Germany’s Panzerballett has been one of my favorite bands for some time now. Merging the intricate brutality of progressive metal with the grace and elegance of modern jazz together with a dash of German humor and a healthy awareness of how bizarre this combination is, they are in my opinion one of the most original and virtuosic bands active at this time. Their fifth full length album, Breaking Brain, sufficiently expands on the formula that they’ve developed over the years and manages to meet my high expectations yet again.

Featuring a sax player in what would otherwise be … Read more

Instrumental (adj.) – A Series of Disagreements

a1446988580_16Plini, Fat Guy Wears Mystic Wolf Shirt, The Helix Nebula, SEIMS, and Violence In Action have a baby together. The name of the child with such a terrifying genealogy is Instrumental (adj.). In fact, it’s not even an actual name. But as we shouldn’t mock anyone’s name, let’s tackle this one with no preconceived ideas.

Instrumental (adj.) is an instrumental (…) band from crazed Australia. If the portfolio of its progenitors is any indicator of how the offspring will turn out, then it’s going to be quite a listen! And oh boy how it is! A Series of Read more

Only one week until we can listen to this sweet math rock album!

Irish math fusion act Alarmist are dropping their full-length debut, Popular Demain, on November 2, and at only one week away, my excitement is palpable. Of the two tracks currently available for streaming, we’re treated to some sweeping, cinematic jazz progressions supported by an arithmetical rhythmic core. At times it’s uplifting, yes, but in harmonically rich and complex ways characteristic of fusion. Think Jaga Jazzist meets Battles and you have a fairly good idea of what to expect. The album will be available on Bandcamp, where you can also check out their existing EPs.… Read more

Túcan – Towers

This band was brought to my attention by someone posting it on our facebook page, describing it as “highly experimental flamenco”. I was immediately in love. Also I’d like to reiterate the fact that we do take submissions, so send us anything and everything you love and we’ll skim the best. Do you think I create new avant bands out of thin air? Nah, it’s all about connections.

So… Tower is Túcan‘s second full-length album, and their fourth release if we don’t count the singles that ended up on this album. Straight away, the band is a “big band” … Read more

A new, live tune from Instrumental (adj.)!

Seeing all the guys play seated is a strange sight indeed, but I’m not one to mind at all. The new song, The Nightmare of Adulthood, is about 6 minutes long and will be on their EP that comes out November 10. These guys are really amazing to see play together and I can’t wait to jam their tunes on the EP!… Read more

Instrumental is a beautiful adjective

Sydney’s new mathcore band, Instrumental (adj.), just put out the first eponymous single off of their debut EP, A Series of Disagreements. This sounds very promising indeed, opening with 15/16 however in its most basic subdivisions: 4-4-4-3 Edit: 19/16 in 5-5-5-4 subdivisions is more like it. Things get quickly out of hand, with the inclusion of extra bars, and the development of the theme and its transformation over other time signatures as well. The song is well constructed and has great cohesion despite its eclectic nature, and that is thanks to the recurring chord progression and theme … Read more

Check out this new single from Second To Sun

The same crazy Russian duo who brought us the amazing 2013 album Based On A True Story just released “Me Or Him”. It’s another one of their tasty, personal blend of experimental djent. Second To Sun aren’t inspired by the format of an album, however, and will most probably continue releasing singles this way. Enjoy!… Read more

Serious Beak’s new album needs your help!

Seems like it’s crowdfunding week for the obscure prog bands! Saturday’s Thinking Plague Kickstarter, and today’s Serious Beak Pozible. Farewell, money! So, here’s the tl;dr: SB will release their new album Ankaa through their label Art as Catharsis in November 2015 if they meet their goal of getting $3,500 in one month. The album contains four tracks of decent length (3, 13, 10, and 8 minutes) and with epic titles (such as “Main Sequence (Dacelo novaeguineae)”. The money raised will serve to print vinyls – if that’s your thing – and surplus money will serve to fund … Read more

Earth’s Yellow Sun – The Infernal Machine

After their last year’s debut EP “Prologue”, Toronto-based instrumental prog once-trio now-quintet Earth’s Yellow Sun has released The Infernal Machine, a 5-part, 23 minute long prog rock song of epic proportions. After that overly complicated and long introduction sentence, let’s dig into the music.

The machine starts with a short opening segment, quickly followed by djent-influenced riffing. They don’t lose time with fancy introductions and cut straight to business. The music is heavily layered, with keyboards and saxophones taking lots of place. This isn’t anything new on the current prog metal scene, but it’s well-done enough that it doesn’t … Read more

Sein Zum Tode – Siamese Second Cousins Never Removed

Lately I’ve been very busy – and tired – because of work, music, relations… basically everything other than writing about weird music that only 10 people know about worldwide. Also, I’ve felt very overwhelmed recently, with the huge ass pile of new and amazing music that fell upon me. I also felt like I couldn’t convey how amazing these bands were, and that I am a poor music blogger. But I recalled that I’m not a reviewer and my role is not to critique or review albums, but just to talk about the music that I like, and that I… Read more