Review: Systems – Ghost Medicine

While searching for Systems‘ bandcamp page, earlier, I arrived on Systems‘ one by mistake. And I was really not disappointed!

Even though far from similar to non-diatonic experimental prog metallers Systems, Systems definitely is an interesting band also. More in the vein of post-hardcore and post-metal, with a tinge of experimental, black metal, and progressive elements that are [always] welcome. The album, in fact, consists of one huge 41-minute song, divided into eight parts about (from what I can tell) myths, particularly in medicine, but not limited to it.

It really is a well-crafted album, with great, almost … Read more

Recap of awesome music I’ve heard lately!

Hey! I’ve posted quite a few great music on the blog’s facebook page, but didn’t make any official post about them. Here is my chance to make them shine, and make you discover them, and hopefully like them as I do 🙂

FIRST OF ALL! The never disappointing Plini released the second part of his EP trilogy, called Sweet Nothings… and man, how sweet it is! Plini is a real modern-day guitar genius! Just listen to it for yourself!

Plini on facebook

Lightning Bolt‘s 20 one-track EP was released quite some time ago, but it came to … Read more

Recap of the week!

This week has been amazing! Loads of amazing new music! A few older stuff that came to my ears, and some stuff still to come!

Let’s start with this week’s favourites!
Peculate‘s new album Fiscal Cliffs, is really a great listen for anyone who likes metal to be out of the ordinary. Avant-garde and experimental, like we love it! Read our whole review here and listen to the album below!

Rejectionary Art has released their second album entitled Exocoetidae: Flying Fish. It’s so eclectic and musically varied! Each song takes you to a different venue somewhere in … Read more

ΛΗΘΗ – Λήθη 12’ LP

1371442_354040028063554_1307325624_nIf lethe is equivalent to oblivion and concealment , this Greek trio’s matching name has to be making no use of self-reference, in fact quite the opposite. Same goes for the music included on ΛΗΘΗ’s first full-length 12’ LP, which appears as a tool of disenchantment and awakening. Ten tracks inspired by futilities such as daily life’s horror, religion, love, despair and the fear in which mankind is helplessly doomed to, seem like a violent watercourse, drowning everyone into its caustic, subversive depths.

Diving into the album, we come across a chaotic and ardent aggregation that crushes them ignorant lees, … Read more

Let’s sink the austerity boat! Peculate – Fiscal Cliffs

Today’s the day I can repent from not talking to you more about the exceptional peculiarity that is the awesome one-man band Peculate.

What struck me at first with this band is Ben’s voice. Wow, dude! How versatile can a singer be, this guy nails it! From a plethora of screamings and growlings to a broad singing range, Ben will use what fits the music or atmosphere best most of the time! On top of that, his vocal melodies, harmonies and rhythmic patterns are pretty fucked up if you ask me. I don’t remember listening … Read more

Her Stems Spiral sing in your sleep

Her Stems Spiral is an avant-garde post mathcore outfit from Johannesburg, South Africa.

But wait, there’s more!

The band is a side project of Shannon Lawler of Eyes Like Mirrors to escape conventional songwriting and structure. He says he’s been inspired by dreams.

Their EP, Princess Poured Out The Pale Winter Moon, is available for free on bandcamp, and it’s a killer!

-D… Read more

The Dillinger Escape Plan – One Of Us Is The Killer

Stream this at Pitchfork!

The Dillinger Escape Plan, a band I believe everybody knows in the mathcore audience. And the band deserves it!

Through countless time signatures and rhythmic changes, they will use often uncommon and uneasy keys with a good bunch of dissonant chords and life-threatened screams (along with some more melodic lines).

The Dillinger Escape Plan always knew how to surprise us, and deliver us some of the most interesting and challenging music to listen to. That’s why we love them!

Get your hands on that album on iTunes or Amazon (most music stores will have it, too), … Read more