Pilot by Michael Dermot

Minneapolis alt-rocker Michael Dermot has just released his new album Pilot. As a follow up to his 2011 Kickstarted album Distance Reawakens, Pilot really shows how much Dermot has improved. The songwriting is better, the playing is tighter, the singing is stronger and more developed, and the production sounds great!

I’ve been a personal friend of Michael for years now, so I may be biased, but there’s no denying that there’s some genuine talent here. I was even given the opportunity to edit the music video for his first single No Through Road. … Read more

Joey Eppard: Live in Concert


Joey Eppard, frontman and founder of the band 3 recently released his first live solo performance DVD. This project was fan-supported from the start by earning over $9,000 through Kickstarter. The DVD features 29 songs clocking in at just about 2 and a half hours, and features tons of guests (including fellow 3 members Billy Riker and Chris ‘Gartdrumm’ Gartmann).

Joey’s slap acoustic style is very unique and paired with brilliant songwriting and a soulful voice, creates a performance that is like no other.

You can purchase Joey’s DVD at joeyeppard.com. The DVD comes with a free download of … Read more

Plini – Other Things

Ever since that crazyfatboy was on Mike Portnoy’s forum with his threads where he’d ask fellow forumers directives and limitations on how to write a song (which he always succeeded to do, no matter how weird or difficult that was), and through his Halcyon band/project, and even a few singles after this, Plini has been amazing me.

He knows and understands the soul of his guitar and his music to an extent unreached by most musicians. Including you, including me.

Okay enough already. Other Things is a mind-blowing album with the only defect of being too short, if one can … Read more