Slice the Cake – Odyssey to the West [UNFINISHED]

a2703576326_16Slice the Cake have been around since 2009 and released their debut EP, “Cleanse” in 2010. They became more well-known with their 2012 album “The Man with No Face”, which raised the band to world fame in the spheres of progressive metal and metalcore, only reinforced by “Other Slices”.

With Odyssey to the West, the trio pushes even farther the boundaries of their own brand of music. Their musicianship and creativity is at their utmost, and is best portrayed on [NAME RELEVANT SONG FROM ODYSSEY THAT MATCHES DESCRIPTION]: a song of epic proportions both structurally and conceptually! They’ve built … Read more

Review: Vetha – Rancid Or Acid

Listening to noise-sludge and microtonal Middle-Eastern folk-rave-metal songs, although infinitely entertaining and awesome, definitely can fatigue your ears and brains. So, let’s talk about a more standard metal album for once. But it’s a good one… And an independent slash underground band, so… that fits us pretty well still!

Vetha is a French trio playing as a quatuor (the guitarist and drummer recorded the bass on the album) groove metal band. Musically, it draws inspiration certainly from Pantera and the likes, and perhaps some more recent groove metal like some of the harder-hitting Periphery songs, or from bands like … Read more

New Red Seas Fire Exposed!

This band of jolly djent rockers just released a totally new 4-track EP entitled Exposition, and it blows (the nuclear blast kind of blow)!

And to quote mr. fluff191 : “this is amazeballs”!

Reach over to this very address and demand your own version of this digital 4-tracker for free!

For my part, I’ve always like the groove of RSF, along with hints of electronic music throughout, and the distinctive voice of their singer! RSF 4 PREZ!

Red Seas Fire on facebook.

-D… Read more

The Brutal Deceiver in a video and two songs

Side-project of As We Draw, The Brutal Deceiver puts the bar so fucking high with this video for the song We Are Legion. I’m so buying this album when it comes out (spring 2013).

And it goes by the lovely name of “Go Die. One By One”


And here’s the bandcamp stream (two songs only).


Give them some love on their facebook page

and on bandcamp

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