News: Pryapisme releases video for Futurologie Part IV!

Here it is! The glitchy, catty, spacey music video for the first music piece from Pryapisme‘s new EP, Futurologie. This one is Part IV, and there’s only one thing I must say: it’s too short! It’s too damn short!

In other words, I can’t wait February 9th, when this bad boy comes out. Pre-order the EP now here!Read more

News: Mammoth’s new single!

Check out Future Reflection, Mammoth‘s new progressive rock single. Now overlapping the Metal continent a bit for the climax. I have to appreciate the changing tempos and time signatures as well as timbres of the instruments throughout the song. In a too-short 5 minute, they really make us travel!

I can’t wait for their next album already!… Read more

Mammoth – Polymorphism

Mammoth takes the best of classic progressive rock and fusion elements to deliver us a truly hairy beast, Polymorphism.

With such a band name, I couldn’t help but draw comparisons to The Explorers Club’s Raising The Mammoth album, which is a gem of modern progressive rock. Mammoth are definitely more on the technical side of things, with more instrumental songs, more intricate instrumental parts and less directed towards creating an atmosphere, what The Explorers Club mainly did on their latest album, most notably on their 21-minute, 16-part suite Gigantipithicus (Prog-O-Matic), which is every bit as … Read more

Clément Belio’s Contrast

Clément Belio: the Man, the Myth, the Legend

Clément Belio: the Man, the Myth, the Legend, the Goofball

Clément Belio is, quite simply, making the music of the future.

I don’t say this lightly. It’s a common (trite) trend, to call experimental music the “music of the future” (or, for extra pretense, the “Music of the Future”), acting as though some EP recorded in the bedroom of your favorite obscure indie band is going to herald in a new era of music.

I don’t know if Clément Belio’s music is going to herald anything in, per se, but I would still describe it as the music of the … Read more

Clément Belio + other peeps = ITZAMNA

ITZAMNA‘s first single, Kiska, gives us a taste of what the EP, entitled “Metnal”, will be like. Verdict: It’s really promising! There’s the “clems6belio” vibe in there, but they’re a real talented and diverse band, so… I can only say that I’m looking forward to hear more from them, and definitely looking forward to their EP, coming out November 5!… Read more

Theo Young – Shadowplay

This Young British fellow *chuckles alone in the darkness* is a figure to add to the Plini-Sithu Aye duo. Yes, Theo would be able to sneak in cognito into any of those two’s albums! And that’s saying something, and that something is: it’s freaking GOOD!

And it’s no copycat, don’t get me wrong! Although he uses advanced techniques only present on Plini’s latest, such as thumb-picking, Theo really has his own compositional style – and playing style, too! Shadowplay, which came out today – September 14th – is a wonderfully beautiful little collection of music, … Read more