Manhattan-DIY – ∞ – 15 = ∞


French dudes Manhattan-DIY came to us earlier this year with an awesome math-rock album with 8-bit and experimental elements.

Their album consist of 6 songs screamed in French, with some exceptions to this rule. Sometimes with nintendo destruction sounds, other times with dirty guitars and a real band. Contemplative parts follow more driving ones, and some others more chaotic to deliver a perfect blend of mathtendocore with emotion.

The ca. 40 minutes album infinity minus fifteen equals infinity is an acquisition you all ought to make.

Go do this on their bandcamp page.

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Run, fools!

To the store, that is.

I mean, online store.

Like… bandcamp.

Cuz Hyperblast Supercollider from Pryapisme is now out, and while we secretly listened to it for like a month or so, it’s your time to feel the music take over your mind and your soul.

Here’s the review we wrote about it.

And now get it just here!

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FIXIONS – Euphorion

ImageFIXIONS is an Electro project from Aix-en-Provence, France that have released their debut EP, entitled ‘Euphorion’ some months ago. This project, which is the brainchild of Slo (SMOHALLA), is more than a creative outlet, an additional way of expression it’s a small microcosm of its own, an abberation from the constant in search of an elation, of euphoria, although as uplifting as it can be the dark and atmospheric elements will always be a considerable and integral part of FIXIONS’ music.

The EP begins with the title track, ‘Euphorion’ which is heavily influenced by the 80s electro scene, with a … Read more

Pryapisme Will Be Album Of The Year

This may be the album of the year for me ALREADY for our blog’s style of music taste.

The best way to introduce anyone to this band is by stating it’s BTBAM on Acid. Now I know it’s a horrible horrible analogy but it helps you understand the structure of the song flow at least.

Next up I want to state that this album is simply brilliant. It is so wacky and spontaneous but yet is so easily able to follow. Now some people may not like the album as a whole since it goes in so many directions in … Read more

Leben Ohne Licht Kollektiv/ Immemorial – Quantum of Abstract Physics

A preview of the album can be streamed from Souncloud:

This split release bearing the aberrant title ‘Quantum of Abstract Quantum of Abstract Physics coverPhysics’ is slowly processing it’s final phase and the result is surely of remarkable proportions, something that was actually fairly expected. Featuring two of the most interesting and intriguing underground dark ambient bands I’ve heard, as of recently, joined forces into an album that could be considered as not of this earth, just like the imagination of the concept clearly manifests. This lengthy prologue is directed to LEBEN OHNE LICHT KOLLEKTIV and  IMMEMORIAL, and their masterminds  I.Luciferia, Damien Read more

Nooumena – Argument With Eagerness

Stream this right now!

Cover - HRComing from France (yes, another French band covered here, if you want to complain, please do so at the British Government), Nooumena call themselves ambient art-rock (as their album art might have led you to believe), with hints of experimental and progressive elements into it.

That’s actually pretty accurate.

What’s more interesting is that they execute their styles of music incredibly well! There are some great ambient, jazzy parts on the album, like the opener “Nameless Reward” with it’s saxy bits and jazzy tastiness.

Everyone involved seem to master their instrument, which is the least … Read more

Prepare for the best April’s fool of your life with Pryapisme

New album announced for April 1st.

Hyperblast Super-Collider will come out on Apathia Records, and the song titles are already out! Check these out:

01. Un druide est giboyeux lorsqu’il se prend pour un neutrino
02. Boudin blanc et blanc boudin
03. Random Jean Vigo
04. La notion de chiralité de spin et d’oscillation de saveur des particules supersymetriques definissant un champs scalaire lors d’une transition de conifold en cosmologie branaire dans un modele ekpyrotique
05. Lesbian bordello
06. J’ai envie de te claquer
07. Cochenille, membrane et volcanologie
08. Jon-bon-jon-boutros-boutros-boutros-bovi-miou-miou
09. Je suis venu, j’ai vu, j’ai sangouinu
10. … Read more

Pryapisme – Rococo Holocaust

Stream that right there !

2629382824-1I think the best way to describe the music of Pryapisme is by reading the terms they put in “tag” on their bandcamp page :  8bit black metal disco metal progressive rocococore chamber music electronic experimental jazz nintendocore.

Indeed, this French outfit is creating some really interesting music. A mix of electro with a certain taste of metal, and a lot of whatever… The musicians are truly skilled and obviously creative.

You can play this while receiving your eccentric and marginal guests for dinner, or when trying to figure out the meaning of life, gazing … Read more

Stagnant Waters – Stagnant Waters

Listen to “Of Salt And Water” right here.

Not much chaotic as it is eclectic, Stagnant Waters will storm through your speakers like untamed and dangerous animals. You might only care for the tigers and rhinos, but if you listen closer you’ll be able to see the peacocks and butterflies of this wonderfully diverse zoo.

Indeed, between harsh, heavy parts, there are some electronic passages and truly undecipherable moments.

When does a song end? Is it when the player has stopped playing it? Or is it when you’ve understood all that was going on in the song? If you … Read more

Om Mani – Apology (2009)

Download this album for free and listen to it while you read!

France has got some really nice metal, and if you don’t own any album coming from this very country, you now have the chance to, because this one is a killer!

Apology may not be quite metal as an album’s title, but you should know that “Kill’Em All” is just so ’83. So fuck you. Om Mani conveys messages coming from Buddhism, from what I can understand, as the band’s name is taken from a popular Sanskrit mantra; Om mani padme hum. This might sound kinda new wave, … Read more