Cybergrindr – Fully Automated Psychic Violence

Cybergrindr is a probably-solo project from British Columbia. It is one of the few bands whose name actually reflects the genre they play… and they do it very right! Cybergrindr’s cybergrind is far from mundane. They see the opportunities the genre brings them, and they take them. For example, they profit from the obviously-programmed drums to go beyond what would be realistic: on ‘The Overseer Has Come Online’, they use drum hits – seemingly kick drums – at superhuman speeds to create what we interpret as musical notes, with pitch and length. And even though it’s the only place where … Read more

Review: Alkaloid – The Malkuth Grimoire

Alkaloid is the union of members from Necrophagist, Obscura, Spawn of Possession, Aborted, Dark Fortress, God Dethroned, Blotted Science and Noneuclid to create, allegedly, “the most extreme prog metal” band. I’ve already expressed my concerns about this record, but I still decided to give my money to the fund-raising campaign and finally got the fruit of my investment today in the mail. I can’t say I’m unsatisfied.

The album, considerably long, at 73 minutes, begins starkly with Carbon Phrases, which was the first song the band streamed before the album came out. It’s a rock-solid, or rather metal-solid, 9 minute … Read more

News: Terminus Est, a new extreme supergroup

Although we haven’t heard a single note from this new thing, we’ve got all the reasons to be excited. Three reasons, in fact: Hannes Grossmann (Obscura), Dominic Lapointe (Beyond Creation), and Edward Gryn (Despised Icon’s lights technician). Okay, that last one isn’t really a reason to get excited, we don’t know the guy and never heard it, but if he’s teamed with Hannes and Dominic, he must be mad skilled.

Like I said, there’s nothing to hear from them yet, but keep an eye on their facebook page, I bet they’ll share something pretty soon.… Read more

Review: The secret album I kept hidden from you

[Hit play now]

Yup. It’s a terrible secret finally being told. Back in October, Corey Jason, the man behind the band, wrote to me asking for a review. After the first song, I was thralled , this was amazing, so I quickly replied to him that I’ll do a review. But meanwhile, the album kept playing, and it kept getting weirder and weirder. And I love weird music. I’m in awe when I listen to Peculate, I’m amazed at the jazz-rap of New Apple Taste, and I’m currently working on a microtonal black metal text-to-music … Read more

ART238 – Atavism

Many things can change in a seven year period; many things can work for the better or the worse. Fortunately, this hiatus worked for the benefit of ART238. After some intense live shows the band did last year in French soil, atavism_recto_promothey decided that 2014 is the right time to hurl their newest offering (the first in seven years) like a radioactive missile ready to awaken and revert the most primal human instincts. However, after the addition of new members,  there are certain elements that have shaped the band’s sound into something different.

At first, Atavism may seem like an … Read more

Deconstructing Sequence – Access Code

As a young and talented extreme progressive metal act, Deconstructing Sequence, from the UK, begins to make waves in the community. Their latest two-song EP, Access Code, seems to follow the trend established by their debut EP last year: it’s harsh, it’s extreme, it’s good, but it’s short!

The sci-fi-inspired three-piece seems to succeed to their 2013 EP “Year One”, both concept-wise, and in music. Musically, it’s fast-paced and heavy, with the occasional lighter clean guitar with lots of effects on. Over the marathoning drums, the guitars and keyboards exchange places frequently. Similarly, … Read more