Auric – Empty Seas

Auric is as sludgy as can be. With tinges of black and doom metal, this makes for a very oppressing record. It’s heavy, it’s ugly, and it’s scary.

The album starts off in your face, and it ends in your face, and there are very few moments of rest in-between (the first half of Stagnate being the most prominent one). I really like the atmospheres that are being brought in the music, just making you feel unwell. The last song, Rib Cage Prison, imports elements of post-metal too, giving to the song a different feel than the rest of … Read more

Review: Vetha – Rancid Or Acid

Listening to noise-sludge and microtonal Middle-Eastern folk-rave-metal songs, although infinitely entertaining and awesome, definitely can fatigue your ears and brains. So, let’s talk about a more standard metal album for once. But it’s a good one… And an independent slash underground band, so… that fits us pretty well still!

Vetha is a French trio playing as a quatuor (the guitarist and drummer recorded the bass on the album) groove metal band. Musically, it draws inspiration certainly from Pantera and the likes, and perhaps some more recent groove metal like some of the harder-hitting Periphery songs, or from bands like … Read more

News: Between the Buried and Me release Memory Palace

[Click here to stream here]


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Review: Zelophilia – Lust, Loathing, & Love

You want crazy? You get crazy! First of all I think you have to know that zelophilia is when you are sexually aroused by jealousy. The more you know… They label themselves as a “so called ‘band'”, yes, the “so called” is part of their self-description, and they say of themselves that they sound like “a childishly simplified, watered down combination of Meshuggah, The Locust, Dillinger Escape Plan, and Daughters.” Which bears some truth. I’ve also read the term “avant-garde baroque” about them. What’s more, they even made a commercial for their debut album (see below)!

The album’s a mess … Read more

News: Journal drums preview

Journal drummer Justin Tvetan just posted this update on the band’s new album! These are live drums and they sound incredible! Unlorja was – and still is – one of the best technical albums ever! With an esoteric mix of grind, death, math, core, neoclassical, and various other genres, the conceptual album is a good 50 minutes of the most intense stuff you’ve ever heard, plus a 30 minute narrative retelling of the story, accompanied by music.

Journal 3 (unofficial title) surely sounds promising as hell, and it’s definitely one album we’re awaiting with great impatience, and even greater expectations, … Read more

News: Pangaea – The Balance music video

Pangaea recently released a music video for a song on their upcoming album, which has yet to be announced. The song in itself is really cool, and slowly, really slowly, builds on, progressively becoming heavier, and more complex, while going back to some smoother or more proggy moment from time to time. The band’s previous album, Unified, although pretty cool overall, didn’t have the drive or the originality of The Balance. So, we’re definitely looking forward to Pangaea’s new album, if this song is any indication of its overall quality. Even though the song isn’t perfect, there’s a … Read more

News: Alkaloid – Cthulu

New supergroup Alkaloid released a new song, Cthulu, today.

If you want our point of view, it’s a pretty interesting piece of music! Great leads with lots of dissonance and a sweet solo section. However, the rest of the song maybe sounds too much general, in terms of riffs, drum beats and vocal rendition.

We persist in thinking that The Malkuth Grimoire will be a decent to great album, but the hopes of it being absolutely amazing are falling with each release. So, I think we should expect a good album, but not an earth-shattering masterpiece.… Read more

News: New song from Der Weg Einen Freiheit

[Stream the track here]

The German post-metal bands with various influences such as black metal and hardcore Der Weg Einer Freihet premieres their new track Requiem on This track makes us even more avid of listening to their upcoming album Stellar.

You can listen to their previous album teaser here.… Read more

Review: Ur Draugr – The Wretched Ascetic

Australia seems to be a great spawning point for good dissonant heavy metal, Ulcerate and Ne Obliviscaris being the two most obvious examples. Ur Draugr falls between these two bands in sound. Being on one hand relying on dissonance a lot and on the other hand progressive and black metal.

Often taking one idea, or riff, or motif, and building on it, applying it in different environments and dislocating it in a lot of ways. The mind(s) of the band really know how to craft a song so it’s a continuous flow, evolving and keeping our interest up. With a … Read more