Check out Hybrid – Angst

Hybrid is an experimental progressive death metal album from Spain and it seriously kicks asses!

All of the things we all like put together into a mashing machine in order to give something completely fucked up but completely enjoyable. The album even has some cowbell sections! What more to ask? Nothing.

Buy the album on Deepsend Records bandcamp page, and give the band a like!!!


PS : The release date is (to my surprise) set to 14 may… 2014! Since all of the album is recorded and streamable, I guess they will correct that soon enough so we … Read more

Words of Farewell – Melodic Death Metal ala Dark Tranquillity with a German twist

Words of Farewell is a young atmospheric Melodeath act from Germany that I’ve been following for quite a while.  When they put out their first full length album, Immersion, last year, I immediately ordered it from Amazon.

The video is a lyrics video for the song “Ever After”, the second track from Immersion, with a gorgeous, yet moody, European cove as a backdrop, the waves rolling in on a gray-scaled beach as clouds loom off in the distance.

The work they’re doing is impressive, and I can only hope that we’ll one day be graced with a North … Read more

Sectioned – Outlier





This album is a serious buy.


It’s like Lady Gaga and Mumford and Sons have an orgy and get a monstrous children that doesn’t look a thing like their parents (even if we don’t know which is the father).

Not even close.

Some might wonder if it’s even human. And hunt it until it’s presumably dead in the woods.

But it’s not.

And its urge for revenge only grows bigger, and stronger over the years.

But the villagers have forgotten.

But he hasn’t.

That’s about what it sounds like.

Sectioned on facebook

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Two Unique Covers of Meshuggah

Rejectionary Art did a cover of the all time classic Meshuggah EP called I. YES SOMEONE FUCKING COVER I. It’s a full cover but with many intresting added layers by Rejectionary Art. There isn’t much info on these guys, but their album is pretty sweet and unique. Check it out on their bandcamp here.

Here’s the video for their cover.(Also the film work done here is PHENOMENAL)

Now here is a Black Metal compilation by AfterBlood of a shrinked version of Koloss. Vocals are very interesting and done by a female! Enjoy gentlemen.

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