The Eyjafjallajökull, double Icelandic metal review: Momentum and Misþyrming

Momentum started out in 2003, in the capital Reykjavik, where more than a third of Iceland’s population resides. With black and death metal roots, they have evolved their very own sound, which could be vaguely described as psychedelic progressive doom. Their latest album, The Freak Is Alive, shows the band in its best form yet: heavy and slow riffs, intricate drumming, low vocals that sound like they’re from a Russian choir, and the use of uncommon instrumentation in some parts (sitar and bells, for example). All of this makes for an interesting listen that doesn’t wear out after repeated… Read more

Amia Venera Landscape has released a new song and video!

This is by far the heaviest release by the band! It has incorporated some elements of doom music, but kept their ambient soundscapes, probably even amped them up a little! There’s not much info else than this. Is this a single from an upcoming EP? Full-length? I don’t know, but I can wish!… Read more

Check out Hybrid – Angst

Hybrid is an experimental progressive death metal album from Spain and it seriously kicks asses!

All of the things we all like put together into a mashing machine in order to give something completely fucked up but completely enjoyable. The album even has some cowbell sections! What more to ask? Nothing.

Buy the album on Deepsend Records bandcamp page, and give the band a like!!!


PS : The release date is (to my surprise) set to 14 may… 2014! Since all of the album is recorded and streamable, I guess they will correct that soon enough so we … Read more

Words of Farewell – Melodic Death Metal ala Dark Tranquillity with a German twist

Words of Farewell is a young atmospheric Melodeath act from Germany that I’ve been following for quite a while.  When they put out their first full length album, Immersion, last year, I immediately ordered it from Amazon.

The video is a lyrics video for the song “Ever After”, the second track from Immersion, with a gorgeous, yet moody, European cove as a backdrop, the waves rolling in on a gray-scaled beach as clouds loom off in the distance.

The work they’re doing is impressive, and I can only hope that we’ll one day be graced with a North … Read more