Tigran Hamasyan teases Mockroot

Yes! YES! YES!

A new Tigran Hamasyan record always means new incredible and powerful music to listen and enjoy! For those of you unfamiliar to his music, imagine Animals As Leaders in a piano reduction. The crazy syncopated riffs, the sweet arpeggios and outstanding solos, the polyrhythms, it has all that! And if that teaser is any indication of what Mockroot will sound like as a whole, expect it to be even closer to the traditional metal/djent band, with the addition of drums and electronic elements, and a bass player.

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vod – deciduus

vod is a one-man experiment aiming at using the sub-bass frequency range to make utterly terrifying and tremendously heavy music.

The first full-length album, deciduus, was written and recorded in under two days completely. In order to play that low, the guitar parts are played on bass. And even then the string is really flubby! The tone on which most of the album is played to is A-1. To make sure you all understand well what this implies, let’s do some explaining.

The standard A string on a guitar is tuned to 440 Hz, it’s called … Read more

Peculate – The Chain Industry (Collateral Damage, Pt. II)

The music of Peculate has been described as many things. I, however, would like to describe Peculate as restless, colourful, and eclectic.

Restless because a new LP is released every few months, with a few songs or sometimes an EP in-between. The rate of production resembles that of Omar Rodriguez-López, or, in other words, it’s a crazy production rate! Colourful and eclectic go side-by-side: the music is varied and in-your-face, hence the “colourful”, and its inspiration is drawn from a very diverse array of genres, and styles, quite literally “eclectic”.

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We’re going to throw a party!

This next Sunday the 7th of July at 04:00 PM (EST), we are going to throw a listening party over our channel on our Grooveshark page!

We’re going to broadcast the entirety of The Gabriel Construct‘s Interior City!!! And we’re going to have a very special guest : Gabriel Riccio, the mastermind of this insane project. You will be able to chat with him on the grooveshark page, so you might ask anything to this brilliant musician and composer about the music on the album, the concept behind it, the recording process, etc. etc. etc!… Read more

Brendan Byrnes’ Micropangaea

Micropangaea is a unique thing. So unique I can’t even find any appropriate comparison or metaphor…

The use of microtonality in music has long been kept to advanced and underground acts, be it of metal, ambient or ethnic music. Jute Gyte has recently released an astonishing microtonal album, Discontinuities, which was written in 24-EDO. Basically, that means that a 24-EDO guitar will have twice as many frets as a normal one, bringing the possibility to play quarter-tones without having to always bend a string. The black metal-vibe of the album is given by the great use of dissonant intervals … Read more

The Gabriel Construct or the quintessence of progressive rock

Gabriel Lucas Riccio. That name probably doesn’t ring a bell… yet! Because after listening to the masterpiece that is Interior City, his name will sit besides those of legends like Neal Morse (Spock’s Beard, Transatlantic) or Casey Crescenzo (The Dear Hunter).

With ex members of Periphery (Travis Orbin, Tom Murphy), David Stivelman, Soren Larson, and Sophia Uddin, the band feeds on dissonant chords layered with vocal harmonies with many complex rhythms as a backbone. Adding to the traditional guitar-bass-drum band, pianos and keyboards fill the few vacant spots musically speaking, and finally the saxophone is like an olive … Read more

The Legend of Zelda’s 25th Anniversary Symphony

I have never played any Zelda game ever (although I’ve just started a game on A Link to the Past), but this is a pure gem!!!

Kind of like the Kanto Symphony for Pokémon, Zelda Symphony doesn’t need you to have played the games to enjoy. The themes are beautiful, the melodies beautiful, the sounds beautiful, everything’s beautiful (to hell with synonyms).

Concerts were held in Tokyo, London, and Los Angeles with an orchestra playing, as part of the 25th anniversary of the series. This disc came with the game Skyward Sword on the Nintendo Wii.

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XelmYa for your experimental orchestra needs

XelmYa is a classical trio with a recorder (Sylvia Hinz), a violin (Alexa Renger), and a cello (Ehrengard von Gemmingen). They play pieces from any avant-garde or experimental composer around the world that, for example, exploit microtonality, noise, advanced techniques, etc. and, in general, new ways of thinking music and the material from which it comes.

The piece will probably feel a lot challenging to some of you, but I highly suggest you give it a listen, they are highly trained musicians playing stuff you would hear nowhere else!!!

Their recorded pieces are available for free download on their soundcloud Read more

Axon-Neuron re-debut

If you follow this blog, you probably know that I love Axon-Neuron’s jazzy fusion goodness!

They’ve just re-mixed, re-mastered, and enhanced their 2011 debut album Brainsongs, now version 2.0.

I don’t know if the guitarist had his 9 string guitar at the time, but at first listen, it sounds like it. It’s really refreshing to see somebody use an ERG (extended-range guitar) to something quite different than chugging, djenting, riffing, or doing breakdowns. It’s a breeze of fresh air!

Their blend of fuzion-y jazz is unmistakable, persistently good, and remarkable!

Brainsongs 2.0 is up for free on the band’s Read more