Instar – The Ex nihilo Cycle

Instar is a narration-driven progressive metal band based in Austin, Texas. Their debut album, the self-titled Instar EP, came out in January of last year, and was a pretty interesting insight into what the project could become. With their debut full-length coming right around the corner, we get a better glimpse into the promising future of their formula. As for what they currently offer, I’ll be reviewing that right here.

First of all, narration-driven music can’t be good if the narration itself isn’t. In a day and age where the posh British accent is revered amongst many media – just … Read more

Gallowbraid – Oak and Aspen; Atmospheric Folk Metal in the vein of Opeth

Gallowbraid is a metal band from Salt Lake City, Utah who delivers an excellent mix of atmosphere, power, and melody, all wrapped up in long-form progressive song structures. They currently are working to sell vinyls of their 2010 album, Ashen Eidolon. I’d like to see them do another record at some point, so let’s show some support!

Recommended for fans of: Opeth, Agalloch, Tyr, Wolves In The Throne Room


-Trapper… Read more