Theo Young – Shadowplay

This Young British fellow *chuckles alone in the darkness* is a figure to add to the Plini-Sithu Aye duo. Yes, Theo would be able to sneak in cognito into any of those two’s albums! And that’s saying something, and that something is: it’s freaking GOOD!

And it’s no copycat, don’t get me wrong! Although he uses advanced techniques only present on Plini’s latest, such as thumb-picking, Theo really has his own compositional style – and playing style, too! Shadowplay, which came out today – September 14th – is a wonderfully beautiful little collection of music, … Read more

Sleepers Awake – Transcension

Sleepers Awake gives you everything you want to hear from a progressive metal band nowadays. Master instrumentation, killer riffs, awesome vocals, long and intricate songs but shorter ones too… Seriously, Transcension will be your best listen of the week, and of the month, and probably of the year!

You can pre-order the album on bandcamp, as it comes out June 17th, or the physical CD and some merch over here.

Like that amazing band on facebook and tell us what you think of Transcension!

-D… Read more

Pilot by Michael Dermot

Minneapolis alt-rocker Michael Dermot has just released his new album Pilot. As a follow up to his 2011 Kickstarted album Distance Reawakens, Pilot really shows how much Dermot has improved. The songwriting is better, the playing is tighter, the singing is stronger and more developed, and the production sounds great!

I’ve been a personal friend of Michael for years now, so I may be biased, but there’s no denying that there’s some genuine talent here. I was even given the opportunity to edit the music video for his first single No Through Road. … Read more

Thank You Scientist – Maps of Non-Existent Places


3035046731-1This New Jersey based prog band really pushes the progressive genre with their album “Maps of Non-Existent Places.” Their use of orchestral instruments such as Violins, Horns, Trumpets, and Saxophones really adds a unique dimension to their songs.

Their blend of genres is also very impressive, as elements of funk, fusion, and even middle eastern can be heard throughout this album.

If you enjoy bands like Coheed and Cambria and The Mars Volta then I highly recommend you check these guys out.

-Jeff… Read more