Amogh Symphony’s third will be the most brutal thing to melt your faces…


In fact, it will be the most beautiful non-metal album of the year, for sure!

I don’t know if this excerpt will be featured in the album or if it is really just some noodling, but I think we can definitely say that it represents what will be on Amogh the third.

Beautifulnessestess! Love Amogh!

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The Prize Fighter Inferno has begun the pre-match warmup

A nine second preview of, hopefully, a new Prize Fighter Inferno record? After the amazing and eclectic My Brother’s Blood Machine and the more straightforward but still very interesting Gears EP, what can mean this occult “1”?

The first teaser? The name of the album? The name of the song?

What is sure is that we eventually all will know! Be patient.

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