Weasel Walter, Epos Nemo Latrocinium, Jake Mehew, John Zorn, Leftyfish, Aseroe, Tower of Silence, Sectioned, and Japanski Premijeri

Weasel Walter – Skhiizm

Weasel Walter is widely known for his involvement with many influential bands, playing mostly jazz and metal. Skhiizm is his latest release, and it’s a wild ride of experimental metal, with a lot borrowed from noise metal. The compositions are lots of fun, but one thing that irks me is the poor choice of drum samples – whether they were carelessly programmed or simply used an outdated sound library. If you can get behind that, however, you’ve got a pretty killer album!

Epos Nemo Latrocinium – Iter itineris III

The third volume of Seattle experimental chamber … Read more

Cosmo Sheldrake – The Much Much How How and I

The Music

The Words

London multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Cosmo Sheldrake released his debut full-length album earlier this month: The Much Much How How and I. The album shows the strong hand that Cosmo has on pop composition. Each of the fourteen songs on display are, in their own way, interesting, emotive, and full of ear hooks. I say “pop”, but the reality is deeper than that. Although many songs would definitely qualify as such, they are conveyed through a lush orchestration and a firm indie folk vibe; in the end, they are more than the sum of their … Read more

Negative Time Signatures (a Response to Adam Neely and 12tone)

Sorry, Adam. To be fair, I’m probably wrong, too…

Youtubers Adam Neely and 12tone recently posted videos about a concept they call “negative time signatures” (click on their names to see their respective videos). There is certainly no consensus on this, as far as music theory goes, and there maybe never will, but it’s an interesting hypothetical question nonetheless. I’m writing this post because I think I have a different way of seeing this concept from Adam and 12tone’s. It’s not better, it’s not worse, just different, as there is no widely accepted definition of the term. But before introducing … Read more

Haolin Munk – Planestasia Suite

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The Words

Jazz and hip hop are two proximate worlds, but it’s a rare treat to see them interconnect. Fortunately, Ontario, Canada’s Haolin Munk quartet is here to settle the score. In what sounds like a softer version of Montréal’s New Apple Taste, without the noise and the rock, their science-fiction concept album – who else gets hints of Clipping.? – is an astonishing jazz fusion release filled with tasty grooves, decadent solo sections, and an overall spotless arrangement work.

Since the Haolin Munk quartet is an instrumental entity, each vocal track exists thanks to the help of … Read more

Patrick Shiroishi Rob Magill Duo – Eyes in the Dirt

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Patrick’s a long-time respected player and friend of mine, and his musical explorations always resonate with me. Whether it be in the mathematical Upsilon Acrux, in the zeuhlish Corima, or in any of his other projects like Nakata or Sewing Circle, his playing is emotional, raw, and unique. Rob Magill, on the other hand, is a new name for me. He’s no rookie either, though, as he’s release many albums through Weird Cry Records, influenced by classical music, jazz, noise, and many more.

Eyes in the Dirt comes from an improvisation session carried out in a … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 14

Buried Sleeper – Obsidian (post-doom)

Monochromatic Residua – Monochromatic Residua (microtonal death metal)

Sunday, 15

Altar of Perversion – ᛬𐌉𐌍𐌕𐌛𐌀 𐌍𐌀𐌏𐌔᛬ (Intra Naos) (black metal)

Butterfly Kiss – Inside a Good Atmosfear (progressive metal)

Nigredo – Flesh Torn | Spirit Pierced (black metal)

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