Nakata is an avant-garde jazz improvisation duo from Los Angeles, California, including Patrick Shiroishi (from Upsilon Acrux, Corima, and other bands) on saxophone, and Francisco Casanova on piano. The project has already many releases on bandcamp, and ‘Now It Can Be Told’ is taken from their upcoming album, Bokanovsky’s Process, which will come out on April third. If you’re somewhat into experimental jazz, musicians pushing boundaries, or just expressive, abrasive, and challenging music overall, then be sure to listen to this track!

‘Now It Can Be Told’ is a six-minute sonic journey, from the intriguing and mysterious start … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXII

Endon is often described as ‘Tokyo’s most extreme band’, and it’s quite easy to spot why, when you listen to one of their albums – perhaps more so with Mama. They play with noise electronics, grindcore, punk, and black metal to create one of the most in-your-face music out there. Through the Mirror came out on March eighth in Japan, but is going to be released for North America and Europe on June second, through Hydra Head. I bought my digital copy on iTunes, and I guess you could do the same, but, if you want a physical copy, … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXXI

Finland’s TJ0 is an interesting doom metal project. Vége a világnak seems to be their debut EP, and it is set to come out on the fifteenth, even though you can listen to and download it already. What’s special, here, is the importance given to the symphonic elements of the songs. The metal section of the project is nothing new or impressive, but it does the job well and effectively, and then the compositions are embellished by strings, pianos, and brass and other classical instruments. Pretty interesting!
Grand Discovery is another Finnish project, but this one’s latest album, Complex FaceRead more

Ghost Bath – Starmourner

Ecstasy. Joy. Paradise. Cosmos. “A surrealistic journey through the heavens drenched in sorrow.” That’s how American blackgaze band Ghost Bath describes Starmourner, a direct sequel to a trilogy which started with their 2015 release Moonlover, a forty-two minute exploration on humanity’s melancholy and depression; it managed to be one of my favorite releases of that year due to the beauty encased within its dark sound. Two years later and signed to Nuclear Blast, one of metal’s biggest labels, Ghost Bath returns with the aforementioned Starmourner, their longest and most ambitious album to date, changing their topics to deliver … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXX

Pete Bailey is a guitarist from Canada, and his debut solo album, Omniscience, is downright butter. The jazz fusion-inspired melodic progressive metal on display is smooth and tasty. The programmed drums is good enough to not be an inconvenience – and it has somewhat become a staple of the solo prog artist -, but I would favour its abandon for the future. Otherwise, the music in there is pretty much flawless! It’s truly an amazing EP from a promising musician, so check it out!

Legend John Zorn has released a new album, quite recently: The Garden of Earthly DelightsRead more

Mini-Reviews LXIX

French band L’effondras, or , released quite an impressive instrumental post-rock album, in Les flavescences. From X to XII, Les rayons de cendre to Phalène, the band explores buildups and variations in relatively short pieces (from six to nine minutes). It’s really well executed, and it’s seriously some of the best post-rock I’ve heard. On XIII – Le serpentaire, however, they take things to another level, in a thirty-four minute epic. Though it’s closer to a twenty-four-minute song with a ten-minute ambient extroduction consisting of nature recordings. The whole album is fascinating, and utterly … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXVIII

Looprider is a Japanese post-rock band who just delivered Umi, a twenty-five-minute song and EP. A little something special about the band is the fact that they have two drummers, a thing that is usually seen in more experimental genres. This piece is quite interesting; it build up momentum throughout its pretty long structure, and manages to take a few detours, left and right, to sprinkle the journey with slightly odd but interesting moments. It’s mostly instrumental, but features some calm vocals too.
MRW (pronounced em-er-vu) recently released Gwarectwo “Hrabia Renard” rok 1934, a twenty-two-track EP of mad … Read more

Mini-Reviews LXVII

The suffix ‘-gaze’ has certainly been on the rise, lately, and, even with my former disliking of the budding subgenre, I’ve come to appreciate it more and more. Planning for Burial apply the term to a new genre, creating doomgaze. It’s my first time listening to something like this, and I value it a lot, now! Below the House is charged with emotion and heaviness, staying low and slow, with a very raw sound to it. The album comes out on March tenth, and it would be a great idea to listen to the available songs now to make your … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: February 2017

‘The legendary rock in opposition band Thinking Plague has just released their eighth album, Hoping against Hope, after a crowdfunding campaign (I’m still waiting for my due! [Edit: Got it!]) I personally think this is their finest work to date, toppling In Extremis, which I thought was their best one, prior to this. If you’re unfamiliar with the band, be ready to be challenged. The band consists of six members who play instruments ranging from woodwinds to accordion in rhythmically and harmonically avant-garde compositions. It’s truly a treat, and I recommend that every one of you listens to it!’
Mini-Reviews Read more

Mini-Reviews LXVI

Microtonal electropop artist Brendan Byrnes recently released Neutral Paradise, a fifty-minute collection of mostly-new tracks. Most of the twelve compositions on record use the 22-EDO system, used exclusively in Brendan’s band Ilevens. His knowledge of the system makes the songs sound natural and easily appreciable to even a neophyte audience. This is the future… Bar that. This is the present of music, and it’s awesome!
Belarusian experimental black metal band Leprous Vortex Sun put out По направлению к Солнцу, плавящему изнутри кости (Po napravleniyu k Solntsu, plavyashtshyemu iznutri kosti), in late December of last year. Hinging on heaviness, technicality, … Read more