Thirteen Spooky Songs

Every Friday the 13th is an opportunity to listen to and share music that is out of the norm to everyone. Be it for its dissonance, crushing atmosphere, or occult themes, this music has something special that makes it worth listening on a dark and windy cursed night. So, here are thirteen songs for the restless spirits.

La Torture des Ténèbres – “Thank You for Holding My Hand through Every Haunted House”

Ungl’unl’rrlh’chchch – “Azathoth”

Misþyrming – “Hof”

Convulsing – “Engraved upon Bleached Bone”

Null & Void – “0”

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Vacuus – Hyperkulturemia

The Music

The Words

The duo of Will Allegretto and Cody Silander known as Vacuus recently released Hyperkulturemia, their debut album, following a 2015 EP titled Abreaction. Groups with fewer people tend to be the ones displaying the more creative ideas, and this is the case here. Often times, however, their music is brought down by one or more of many things: use of poorly-programmed virtual instruments, lacking depth in their sound, lack of interesting ideas, or more. This is not the case with Vacuus, fortunately. The bicephalous beast embraces its studio nature and its two limbs harness … Read more

Uglyglow – Sad People Happy Fiestas

The Music

The Words

Uglyglow is a beautifully strange amalgamation of math rock and electronic music. Their former penchant is closer to experimental math rock, such as Yowie and Doom Salad, for example, while their latter derives more from noise than dance music. What seems to be the work of one person alone is quite impressive! As you can hear in “All the Numbers between 0 and -1”, all the parts have their place and are executed with great dexterity. From the drums, which often drives the songs forward, to the manic guitars and the lively and varied electronics support, … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 31 March

i.o – Heartless Particles ,l¬ (experimental jazz, avant-garde metal)

World’s End Girlfriend – 巡 (Meguri) (neoclassical)

Sunday, 1 April

Aseitas – Aseitas (progressive death metal)

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大神棍 (Dàshén gùn) – 烈祝贺你妈福专 (Liè zhùhè nǐ mā fú zhuān) / Bless Your Mother (death metal)

Ill Considered – Ill Considered 3 (spiritual jazz)

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Kali – Riot

The Music

The Words

You really can’t go wrong when you combine musicians from bands such as Marena Whitcher’s Shady Midnight Orchestra, Sha’s Feckel, and Sekhmet! The result of this heavenmade match is Kali, and their debut album, Riot. Diving straight into that hot new trend of playing polyrhythmic post-rock-influenced modern jazz, they lose no time and open up the ball with “Trope”, a ten-minute slow burner that immediately shows their colours. I’d put Riot somewhere between the more math rock Schnellertollermeier and the jazzier Ikarus, although all three play in a similar field.

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Norma, Nytt Land, Perú, Hyper Lightning Hydra, Antagoniste, Lost Talk, Owane, Louis de Mieulle & Matt Garstka, and Yamantaka//Sonic Titan

Norma – Se voisit olla sä

Finland’s Norma is an all-female psychedelic rock group, and it’s recently released Se voisit olla sä, a stunning album. By carefully balancing progressive rock influences and pop, Norma is able to create memorable songs and catchy tunes. The frontwoman’s gorgeous voice, in the beautiful Finnish language, is often backed by stacked vocal harmonies, which further adds depth to the record. It’s a fun and easy listen!

Nytt Land – Oðal

From Russia, the Nytt Land quartet brings us dark and ritualistic folk music with metal influences. I say influences, because there is no, … Read more