RGG, Pohjola, and Blaser, My Wrist, Armando Curiel, Ensemble, et al., Cassette Merchant, Spooky Generator, Hope from Beyond, Discomfort, and Les Pompiers

RGG, Verneri Pohjola, and Samuel Blaser – City of Gardens

I’ve been introduced to the wonderful trumpet work of Finnish musician Verneri Pohjola with the soundtrack to the Animal Image documentary, and so City of Gardens is my second time meeting his music, this time on an album with RGG’s “Contemporary Sonus”, trombonist Samuel Blaser, and many other musicians. This is a fantastic jazz album recorded live during the Silesian Jazz Festival in Katowice. I highly recommend it!

My Wrist – Touch Me

Touch Me, by My Wrist, belongs in the experimental metal territory, I believe. Somewhere … Read more

Lemmings Suicide Myth – Lemmings Suicide Myth

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As I was preparing to close off this week’s release amalgam, I stumbled upon this intriguing cover art in the jazz section of bandcamp’s discovery tool. After a few seconds of the featured song playing, I was sold. I opened the album page and bought it, and, minutes before the scheduled publication, included it in my weekly post.

So, what’s this album that made it by the skin of its teeth into my week? Lemmings Suicide Myth‘s second self-titled album. Based off of Tarot cards, this jazz fusion drums and piano duo is … Read more

Dalila Kayros – Transmutations, Part I: Yin Side

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Electronic music is underrepresented on this website. I acknowledge it and I try to change it, but when something worth posting about comes out, I find out only months later. I need better birds to chirp to me… But here we are, today, with Dalila Kayros‘ album Transmutations, Part I. I was unaware that the brilliant singer of avant-prog project Combat Astronomy had an even more amazing electronic music solo project going on.

Yin Side is an amazing avant-pop album in every regard. If you don’t mind the uncommon mode and breakbeat rhythms of … Read more

EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: Reg Bloor – “(You’ll Feel) a Little Pinch” and Review of Sensory Irritation Chamber

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Reg Bloor is an experimental metal guitarist from New York City, and Sensory Irritation Chamber is her sophomore release. Reg’s style is immediately recognizable by the solo presence of electric guitar with multiple harmonizing effects and distorsions. Sensory Irritation Chamber is a forty-minute album of layered guitars that act as a wall of noise that falls on and buries the listener brave enough to face it.

The compositions on this album are truly interesting, however. There is not a moment where I’d rather not be listening to the music here. With frequent metric modulations, extended and … Read more

EXCLUSIVE SONG PREMIERE: uSSSy – “Western” and Review of Voyage

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Moscow’s uSSSy is a long-time favourite of yours truly. Here’s a cringy post from 2013 as proof. Since their last album, Unsharp Mask, released now about five years ago, we weren’t certain that the ball was still rolling or if the group had decided to quit. A recent release of the band’s unreleased demos was an ominous sight, almost like the last nail in the coffin for uSSSy. I couldn’t have been more wrong, however, as they soon after announced the release of their newest work: Voyage.

Voyage takes off where Unsharp Mask left, … Read more

Weasel Walter, Epos Nemo Latrocinium, Jake Mehew, John Zorn, Leftyfish, Aseroe, Tower of Silence, Sectioned, and Japanski Premijeri

Weasel Walter – Skhiizm

Weasel Walter is widely known for his involvement with many influential bands, playing mostly jazz and metal. Skhiizm is his latest release, and it’s a wild ride of experimental metal, with a lot borrowed from noise metal. The compositions are lots of fun, but one thing that irks me is the poor choice of drum samples – whether they were carelessly programmed or simply used an outdated sound library. If you can get behind that, however, you’ve got a pretty killer album!

Epos Nemo Latrocinium – Iter itineris III

The third volume of Seattle experimental chamber … Read more

Cosmo Sheldrake – The Much Much How How and I

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London multi-instrumentalist, singer, and composer Cosmo Sheldrake released his debut full-length album earlier this month: The Much Much How How and I. The album shows the strong hand that Cosmo has on pop composition. Each of the fourteen songs on display are, in their own way, interesting, emotive, and full of ear hooks. I say “pop”, but the reality is deeper than that. Although many songs would definitely qualify as such, they are conveyed through a lush orchestration and a firm indie folk vibe; in the end, they are more than the sum of their … Read more