Haolin Munk – Planestasia Suite

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Jazz and hip hop are two proximate worlds, but it’s a rare treat to see them interconnect. Fortunately, Ontario, Canada’s Haolin Munk quartet is here to settle the score. In what sounds like a softer version of Montréal’s New Apple Taste, without the noise and the rock, their science-fiction concept album – who else gets hints of Clipping.? – is an astonishing jazz fusion release filled with tasty grooves, decadent solo sections, and an overall spotless arrangement work.

Since the Haolin Munk quartet is an instrumental entity, each vocal track exists thanks to the help of … Read more

Patrick Shiroishi Rob Magill Duo – Eyes in the Dirt

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Patrick’s a long-time respected player and friend of mine, and his musical explorations always resonate with me. Whether it be in the mathematical Upsilon Acrux, in the zeuhlish Corima, or in any of his other projects like Nakata or Sewing Circle, his playing is emotional, raw, and unique. Rob Magill, on the other hand, is a new name for me. He’s no rookie either, though, as he’s release many albums through Weird Cry Records, influenced by classical music, jazz, noise, and many more.

Eyes in the Dirt comes from an improvisation session carried out in a … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Saturday, 14

Buried Sleeper – Obsidian (post-doom)

Monochromatic Residua – Monochromatic Residua (microtonal death metal)

Sunday, 15

Altar of Perversion – ᛬𐌉𐌍𐌕𐌛𐌀 𐌍𐌀𐌏𐌔᛬ (Intra Naos) (black metal)

Butterfly Kiss – Inside a Good Atmosfear (progressive metal)

Nigredo – Flesh Torn | Spirit Pierced (black metal)

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Piniol – Bran coucou

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Rarely have I been so eager to listen to a new album as this. That’s hardly surprising, however, as Piniol is the heavenly merger of French avant-prog bands Ni and Poil, both of which I’ve been very fond of for years! How this symbiosis came to be is unknown to me, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is the result of this otherworldly union.

Bran coucou is the full-length endeavour made by this trio-plus-quartet, and it slaps like nothing else. As it is basically a double band playing as one, a sort of musical conjoined … Read more

The Black Heart Rebellion – دختری در شب تنها به خانه می رود / “A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night”, an Alternative Soundtrack to the Motion Picture

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“دختری در شب تنها به خانه می رود” (Dokhtari dar shab tanha be khaneh miravad) is a 2014 horror movie from Ana Lily Amirpour. It is an American movie in Persian language, and it received moderately good reviews. It didn’t strike me as being especially good, but it seems that it struck a chord with Belgian group The Black Heart Rebellion, who decided to write and record their own music to the film. The band has a good track record, with their 2015 album People, When You See the Smoke, Do Not Think It Is Read more

Black Matter Device, Sons of Kemet, Jyocho, Antlers, Pryapisme, Malcolm Braff Trio, Claret Ash, Safety Squad, and Cordoba

Black Matter Device – Modern Frenetics

The Virginia band takes cues from many mathcore eras, from The Dillinger Escape Plan to Arsonists Get All the Girls, to Car Bomb, and the result is obviously very good! Modern Frenetics is aggressive, noisy, and, well, frenetic. It’s nice to see the new evolution in mathcore technology!

Sons of Kemet – Your Queen Is a Reptile

Sons of Kemet is the latest appearance of saxophonist Shabaka Hutchings, whom we adored with his band the Ancestors. Your Queen Is a Reptile follows somewhat the same genre: world fusion. Well made and genuine world … Read more