Review: Drew Peterson – Zero Mantra

Introduction: Drew Peterson is an unknown to many but should become loved after checking out his debut solo album that has taken him half of my lifetime to finish. Here’s a short write up by the man himself on what the album is and who it should appeal to:

“Thirteen tracks of instrumental rock, spanning about 67 minutes, and likely to appeal to fans of Joe Satriani, Andy Timmons, John Petrucci, or anyone who’s ever joked about how my album will never be released.”

The album is interesting in that it is diverse but still manages to have everything feel … Read more

News: Vod’s New Album Teaser!

Vod (a solo project by our other co-creator) has just released a teaser for an 80 min album he plans to released on Feb 17! Here is the write up:

ᑑᕐᖓᐃᑦ (Tuurngait, meaning ghost) is an album about winter, the snow, the night, isolation, and the cold. This album is 80 minutes long, the most we can fit on a CD. 1 hour and 20 minutes of riffs being built, atmospheres rising and then falling back, polyrhythms and off-time signatures. All played on bass guitar, with drums and vocals. Loads of bass and sub-bass frequencies, and lot of droning and

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XYAX – Ode to the Universe (in three parts)

XYAX is Dave Tremblay and Ben Norton. XYAX is self-described as “22nd-century electronic un-metal un-music”.

Lyrics are presented on their site:

We all love albums that give us “out of this world” experiences. Well XYAX’s entire concept is to bring you that. XYAX does what modern technical death metal and progressive bands fail to do on a daily basis. XYAX does not feed you a riff salad and actually brings you something that is truly innovate in it’s vocal approach, song structures, rhythmic diversity, and production values.

Even with being so technical and having many layers, “Ode to the … Read more

Rorcal’s New Album is the PERFECT Blend of Black Metal & Doom

I can’t express how much I love this album. I’m dying to hear this album live. The intensity of this album is beyond belief. The true beauty in it all is the way that they are not just intense of their black metal vibe that is the majority of the album but in their moments when they kick in the doom and just make you want to eat all the babies within 5 miles of you.

This album NEVER has a dull moment. Energy and atmosphere are the best words you can think of. Black metal with a great touch … Read more

Arktika – Broken Flowers (New Music Video)

Arktika is to me is one of the best post-metal bands in the game. The urge to have such a rawness in the vocal style and not forcing a certain rhythm with them is just so authentic feeling to me. The guys came out with a video for what I think is their best song. Get out your favorite drug of choice and sit back and relax to this masterpiece.

Also the video is STUNNING. So minimalistic and simple, yet captures the exact vibe of the song. If you like anything that sounds good, check this out!

Also their newest Read more

Severed Savior – New Music in the Works!

Here’s an update from one of the best death metal acts that has been gone for a while. Info on new material and an update on touring situations.

“Long Overdue Status Update! – Shows, Tours, New Music – We have been getting a lot of questions about what SS is up to for 2013, if we’ll be playing any more shows soon, when we will make it here or there to play for you guys, or go on tour again, and if or when we’ll have any new material, etc. So, here’s what’s up at the moment in the SS … Read more

The Ape Collective – JACOBIN

Blend Sci-Fi, Psychedelics, and Post-Rock features all together to get a relaxing but yet at the same time an enticing album. The guys in The Ape Collective have done a brilliant job at making an album with so much creativity in meshing these styles together.

A huge recommendation for anyone into weirder but at the same time a calming style of music.

-Lopez… Read more