Perfect Beings – Vier

Coming out on the nineteenth, Perfect Beings‘ third album, Vier, excels at making new symphonic progressive rock. As soon as the four-part opening track “Guedra” starts, you know what you’re getting into. If the polyphonic vocal introduction didn’t sell it, maybe the next, odd-metred riff with accompanying woodwinds solo will. Still not convinced? Just let the polymetric backing track to the next solo sink in! My point is that the album is filled to the brim with fascinating moments, if you take the slightest moment to analyze them. Indeed, they are so well crafted that they aren’t jarring … Read more

Weekly Release Dump #5

    Sunday, 31 December

Dove LadyF (experimental pop/noise jazz)
King Gizzard and the Lizard WizardGumboot Soup (experimental rock)

    Monday, 1 January

BrojobTalk Shit Get Kissed (deathcore)

DéracinéDéraciné (grindcore/skramz)
EstuarineSic erat scriptum (blackened technical death metal)
Inquinamentum8342 (progressive black metal)
ProcessProcess (tap rock)
Vantana RowVagina (experimental pop/cybergrind)
Омега Клустерϴе Нижт (chiptune progressive metal)

    Tuesday, 2 January

Crown MagnetarThe Prophet of Disgust (technical deathcore)
Lauri Kadalipp Social JazzFeels Just Right (jazz)

    Friday, 5 January

OmneaOmnea (progressive rock)
ŌOTØ (formerly … Read more

Camembert, Process, Karmacipher, Dove Lady, Troldhaugen, Suffering Hour, Vessel of Iniquity, Vantana Row, and Adhara

CamembertNegative Toe (progressive rock)
France’s Camembert recently released their latest opus, and it’s pretty darn good! Negative Toe is somewhere between the symphonic prog and Canterbury scenes. Thus, you won’t be surprised to learn that the album is about an hour of progressive rock music that is mostly symphonic and that uses quite uncommon song structures and atmospheric qualities. You can get the album via AltrOck Productions!

Someone on bandcamp refered to this band as “Floral with a bass player”, and, well, I can’t say I disagree, but it’s a woefully simplistic way of putting… Read more

Crno dete – Neponovljivo

The experimental surf rock duo Crno dete, from Serbia, just released their latest opus: the massive Neponovljivo album. This set is an improvised performance that goes on for about forty minutes; uncut, unedited, and unrepeatable. It has been divided into eight tracks, but the truly uncut version is available as a forty-three-minute single track. The music resembles experimental math rock and post-rock, but the utter flood of reverb on the guitars make me think of surf rock more than anything else, really. From the moment you press play, the guitars and the drums catawompously barge in and don’t stop … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: 2017

Yup, that’s a year, another one! I’ve changed my writing routine a couple times, but I think it’s the year in which I’ve been the most active as a music writer. As a musician, I’ve only released one single track with my current band; one of my least productive years as a musician. In 2017, I’ve also started the Not Music label, which will be the tool with which I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and help promote and distribute the same kind of music that you find on this website: experimental, progressive, bewildering, innovative, and … Read more

Monthly Recommendations: December 2017

[Review under construction]

Taylor BrookVirtutes occultae

Somewhere between procedural, improvised, and strictly composed, the eighteen parts of this magnum opus take you into the world of overtonality. In a nutshell, this album is played by six virtual pianos, each tuned to a different 11-limit just intonation tuning.


VexovoidCall of the Starforger

Call of the Starforger is great and the flow of riffs is unstoppable, making it a very welcome addition to the not so expansive array of releases of that ilk. With a compelling science-fiction theme and bulls-eye, overexcited riffs, Vexovoid’s debut

Read more

The Metal of 2017

CTEBCM started mostly thanks to progressive metal. Since then, the scope of the website has widened quite a bit, but there’s undeniably a stronger focus on metal music than any other. Thus, the metal albums of the year post (the one you’re reading right now) will divide the metal releases into various subgenres. Obviously, there is a lot of crossover going on so you might question some of my allotments. Some bands really do fit into more than one broad category, and so I put them in the one I think is most fitting, but you might have a different … Read more