We Pyrrhic Conquerors – The End Is Nigh

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The Thoughts

The general free-flowing complexity of zeuhl music and the band name We Pyrrhic Conquerors suggest a sizable ensemble of musicians, performing with some level of loose improvisation. Yet Bandcamp informs us that the richly composed The End Is Nigh is the product of one Joey M. Bishop. That’s about all the information I can glean about the artist; there’s no Facebook page to refer to, no specific location given (Bandcamp tags the project as United States, but the drums were recorded at a studio in Indonesia?), and even Google currently returns zero results for the band … Read more

Hago – Hago

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Rarely has a progressive metal fusion album been released with so little anticipation, praise, and attention while deserving so much of these. Enter Hago and their self-titled debut album. The Boston band is, as they put it, “a melting pot of progressive metal, jazz, and Middle Eastern elements”, and I couldn’t have said it better – they also call it “falafel djent”, but let’s not go there. Their group consists of the usual instrumental metal and jazz quartet of guitar, bass, keyboards, and drums, while also having a full-time saxophonist on top.

Rooted inside the Berklee … Read more

Matt’s Top 50 Albums of 2017

Some Introductory Words

There was so much good music that came out this year. After barely being able to scrape together ten good albums to make a list out of last year, 2017 redeemed my faith in music in a massive way. I shattered my personal record for new-music-listening this year, and, in the process, I discovered a ton of good, very good, and occasionally mind-blowingly good stuff in the corners and crevices – stuff that many outlets seemed to ignore. And while I admit that I have a tendency to get more excited about lesser-known artists, I assure you … Read more

Dear Apollo, Of Petra, Wvstelvnd, Insultanes, Filthy Young Impalers, Setter, Immortal Onion, Ben Reimer, and Burning Tree

Dear Apollo – Volume One

Oh, how far we’ve come, since the days of Look Right Penny! The Floridan quintet arrived on the map with their striking debut Sugar Lane, but soon disbanded. After many issues and obstacles, the “core couple” of Cotee Embry and Mariel Diaz-Carrion moved out and battled hard. Here we stand today, and the kids with high hopes come back with a new project called Dear Apollo. Cotee is now in charge of everything except the vocals and lyrics, and it transpires that he was the main brain behind Look Right Penny’s music … Read more

Weekly Release Dump

Sunday, 7 January

Mental Cruelty – Purgatorium (technical deathcore)

Of Petra – So onto Itself (symphonic prog/Canterbury prog)

Monday, 8 January

Decline – EP1 (grindcore)

Léguman – A Tribute to Jacqueline Picon (instrumental progressive metal)

Livia – Le blaireau riche (chamber pop/trip-hop)

Tuesday, 9 January

Feeding Fingers – Do Owe Harm (microtonal post-punk)

Wednesday, 10 January

Garrett Wingfield’s Octopod – Monoliths & Sepulchres (experimental jazz/free jazz)

Tuesday, 11 January

Venetian Snares – She Began to Cry Tears of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit the Ground (experimental breakcore)

Friday, 12 January

Kayak – Seventeen (progressive rock)


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Venetian Snares – She Began to Cry Tears of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit the Ground

The Music

The Thoughts

Venetian Snares is a well-known Canadian electronic music experimenter; he’s been at it since at least 1997 with Fake:Impossible. Today, with his twenty-fourth full-length studio album (from what I can gather), Aaron Funk delivers a surprising blow to the unprepared listener. Indeed, She Began to Cry Tears of Blood Which Became Little Brick Houses When They Hit the Ground is an album most hectic that seems to be unable to keep a steady focus for more than a minute.

First of all, the twelve song titles read like surrealist snippets, each creating its very own … Read more